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There is a fellow we'll call Bisquik. Mr. Quik is one of the great moral relativists of our time, a committed and flagrant homosexual who regularly informs the enlightened people who visit his blog about his sexual exploits, his neo-verbalist ruminations on the state of (his) the world, and who loves also to ransack a blog co-run by my son (bloghogger.tk, go see it RIGHT NOW!!!!), challenging all and sundry there on the superiority of his reductionist, empiricist view on things. I find it fascinating that he is 41 and one of his favorite pasttimes is to lurk on a blog run by adolescents.

Oh, and did I mention he was raised Catholic? Important point. Comes into play in this inaugural blog.

Anyway, I was watching the boob-tube today with the older students. Having the TV on is a very rare occasion, but made special with the white smoke issuing from the Sistine Chapel's (temporary) chimney. The Conclave, after perhaps as few as 3 ballots, had selected a new Pope. I, as were the students, was excited, anticipatory.

When the Chief Cardinal Deacon (or whoever he was, a singularly humorless-looking Cardinal from Chile) announced that our new Pope was Josef Cardinal Ratzinger, Benedict XVI, I was absolutely THRILLED!!! An orthodox man, perfect for pursuing the legacy of John Paul II. The feeling of happiness I felt was complete and warm (which helped. The *())(%$*%ing office heat has been broken now for 8 DAYS!!!!).

I read with relish and amusement the kudos being sung about Benedict on Catholic.com and CatholicRageMonkey, (among other things, he is being referred to as the PanzerPapa, and Catholic.com has a devastating rebuttal for any idiot out there that wants to tell you that Benedict was sympathetic to the Nazis) and shook my head at the heterodox (mostly) women who bemoaned the elevation of a Pope from the "far right" and NPR's apocalyptic warnings that if Benedict doesn't allow for married priests, right now, Latin America is lost to the Church. (Shook my head out of sadness, not surprise. . . )

Then I visited Bisquik's site. My my. Rage, venom and vitriol, not to mention some decidedly scatological references regarding conservative (American) Catholics. At least he had the sense to control his glee when JPII passed away. But, since the man who was his Pope when he was a serious Catholic has no passed away, he can finally vent his full rage at the Church that has the audacity to declare his behavior disordered and just plain nasty.

I mean, the man hasn't been Pope for 8 hours, and Mr. Quik is blasting both him and orthodox Catholics with every barrel he can find. What's the rush?

A question raises itself: Why does Bisquik, an avowed gay man, a functioning atheist, (and one who claims that his struggle and grasp of "nuance" contributes to a Buddha-like serenity for him) spend so much energy excoriating the elevation of another man whom Bisquik has never met? Why is the anointing of an orthodox Pope such a source of rage for this man? Why is the energy being expended?

I confess, when Gene Robinson, the gay Anglican bishop of New Hampshire, addresses the prayer breakfast for Planned Parenthood (oh, the incredible, delicious irony of that phrase) and suggests such things as the need for more abortion and gay clergy, I just shake my head. The man has no authority over me. Why let it bother me? And behold!!! It doesn't.

You would think the converse would also hold true. Why would Benedict's elevation bother an avowed gay man, an atheist? One who has turned his back on his cradle faith? Mr. Quik has repudiated the Church. Benedict can force no authority upon him. The Pope ought to have the same impact on Bisquik that Robinson has on me. Next to nothing. I might expect, perhaps, a muttered "Stupid Catholics. Screwed that one up as well." But no. Anger, venom, vituperation.

They like to say that hate is the opposite of love. But if one thinks about it, this isn't true. Both love and hate are strong passions; hate is the disorder of love, but not its opposite. Apathy is the opposite of love, and of hate. Love and hate are more mirror images.

Could it be that Bisquik actually still loves the Church, maybe even recognizes its call? But, due to the fact that She is now playing the role of the disapproving father, Bisquik must rage, stamp his widdle feet and scream, "I HATE YOU!"

Tsk, tsk. Just like a three year old, who actually deeply loves his parents but can't understand the how or why of that love, yet tantrums when he can't get his way because he DOES understand that those parents are thwarting his childish and often destructive impulses, so Bisquik may in fact love the Church, but rages in an "adult" fashion when he too can't get his way.

Hence, the title of today's blog.



1. the Green Flash - April 21, 2005

hoody, my (demolition) man!! Great to see you. It’s about time you got yourself a blog!

You are spot-on about Bisquik. Hope to see lots more here. Thanks for all your support and kind words.

(Gotta work on that template, though. Maybe get Haloscan comments too, although these aren’t too bad. Maybe some of the kids over at Bloghogger can give you a hand.) 😉

2. hoody - April 21, 2005

Thanks, Flash. I’m a rank amateur at this stuff. . .will be relying a member of the Hogger team who is a very close relative to help with cleaning things up. Next on my todo list is to get Haloscan.. .these comments take too long to load.–>

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