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“Our brains are so big, we need spare brain-storage containers on our belts” April 30, 2005

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From "Quality Control Alliance" (a notably anti-Christian blog): "Known side effects (of reading their brililant contributions) include thinking for yourself and taking responsibility for your own actions." (This blog contains much profane and repulsive material. If you really want to find it, Google it. I won't link it for you.)

From "WorldWideRant" a self-described atheist blog: "I can't believe I breathe the same air as these idiots."

From Harlan Ellison's "An Edge in My Voice", Donning Publishers, 1985: "I am 'merely' a Humanist. . .Whatever self-assertive aspects of my personality he finds threatening -possibly because he envies those qualities. . ." Another self-assertion of intellectual primacy. Read the book, it is chock full of them. Ellison is a noted liberal, self-confessed elitist and committed Atheist who wrote many articles and fiction starting in the '50s. . .and to the best of my knowledge is still kicking about today.

From Bisquik's site: "I'm a smart ****er." There is another one in there somewhere, but I haven't the stomach to look for it.

Then there is this table that supposedly shows that intelligent people voted for Kerry. Happily this was revealed to be a hoax. Click here for more realistic data.

These little bits are gathered after only 15 minutes of drifting about the foul backwaters of what passes for the Liberal Mind on the Internet. I'm sure that Al Franken from AirHeadAmerica (thanks Brian for the title!!) and Michael Moore regularly remind us just how intelligent they are (and how ignorant the Religious Right is), but I've looked at enough gibberish for one weekend.

At any rate, all of that silliness can serve as a (very) brief sample of the overwhelming, arrogant self-perceived brilliance of the American Left.

To quote from my second post: "(MRTs). . .are blessed with a complete lack of false humility (they wear their sanctimonious arrogance on their sleeves quite proudly)"

Now, if we were to look at this concept a bit critically, we would probably find that more people with advanced degrees tend toward agnosticism/atheism (this is especially true in today's theology departments at places like Stanford, Harvard, Seattle University and Princeton). There is no question that much of today's scholarship epitomizes the cliche, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing". With one freshly sheepskinned, a person feels that he can question all the Big Issues, including the reality of God. And with their newfound "critical faculties", they find there is no scientific proof for God, and furthermore, since there is suffering, how can an "all-loving God" allow the Nazis, Asian tsunamis, George Bush and so on? So they reject God and all of his benighted followers. MRTs tend to be pedants suffused with confidence in their intelligence, but very little wisdom.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the MRT altar. When the atheist empiricists began pushing the scientific limits of learning, these people start to acknowledge that there must be some greater power that guided the creation of all of Earth. Among others, this list includes physicists Robert Russell, Galileo, Paul Davies, Stephen Hawking (he indicates that when we find out when the Universe started, then we will have found God) and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. (this also based on 15 minutes of Websearch). While many of these scientists claim a likelihood of a Presence, they do not necessarily (nor should they) ascribe a belief in the Triune God. But in the end, they are giving credence to Intelligent Design. (ERRATUM: Dawkins is a noted atheist, and he provides statements in the referenced source that suggest the possibility of God, while also explicitly denying the presence of God. So attaching his name to a claim of a "likelihood" of a presence of God may be problematic, since he himself seems to have not made up his mind)

So, in short, we might be able to say that the intelligent, especially the more arrogant and self-serving intelligent are unutterably opposed to God. But the really intelligent have to admit the likelihood of God. And in that intelligence appears to be the seeds of wisdom.

So, to briefly sum up:

The MRTs would have us believe that they are really, REALLY smart. So smart, they carry extra brain storage on their belts. (In the classic Dilbert comic, these people were rats who carried slabs of warm liver in their belts to make themselves look smarter. Hence the title of today's contribution.)

Because they are so smart, they KNOW that God doesn't exist. Smart, (or at least they THINK they are) but no wisdom.

Yet, when you get out into the land of the REALLY smart (advanced physics, Ph.D evolutionary biology), you find that people are going back to believing in at least the possibility of God. (And doesn't that help define wisdom? "I know enough to know that I don't know everything". Sounds like these high-level physicists acknowledge their gaps, hence wisdom).

Because they are TRULY smart, they have to admit that God may well exist. Smart (and they KNOW they are) and having some wisdom.



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