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Intelligent Design flap in Kansas May 15, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Education, Mechanistic Relativism.

CNN reports here that the Kansas Board of Education is considering redefining science so that it is no longer limited to natural (empirical) explanations of what is going on in the world.

Scientists, as well as certain MRTs who shall remain un-named, are in an uproar over this, and are engaging in the usual intolerant name-calling of the Kansas educrats.

My question is this: Although science has engineered true wonders in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics, what exactly have they contributed to the fields of love, philosophy and psychology? Psych is a field caught betwixt and between; they desperately WANT to be considered hard science, but the brute realities of the unpredicitability of human behavior thwarts them in their desire to be treated on the same playing field as Einstein and Bohr. Science cannot capture the human like it can the atom. For that matter, it cannot even capture the weather like it can the atom, though the recent spate of Chicken Littles proclaiming that the sky is falling (or warming) due to our own efforts (or lack thereof) would have you believe that we can in fact predict the weather, as well as control it.

I fail to see why the hard-line empiricists are getting their panties in a bunch because Kansas wants their students to consider the possibility that the hard science people don’t have a monopoly on truth.

How is this so bad?

I don’t know. But I do know that when the liberals and MRTs start to honk about it, that is a strong indicator that the Kansas educrats are probably on the right track.

UPDATE: THIS JUST IN: Pasty White Moral Relativists find this to be a complete outrage.

So, advise the media that this fine, upstanding author will not, repeat, NOT be moving to Topeka or Kansas City anytime soon. Kansans are said to be hugely relieved.



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