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Serendipity May 16, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Catholicism, Family.

Coming soon (in all likelihood): musings on what it is like to move.

But in the meantime. . . an amusing reflection on Serendipity, and how God can occasionally time things most curiously.

My wife and I have seven children (and to quote Bill Cosby, the reason we have seven children is that we don’t want eight) (though in reality, we have seven children so that we might raise seven strong apologists who might confound Biscuits and his offspring. . .wait. . .he can’t breed. . .hmmmmm), and we live currently in a home with 4 bedrooms. . .which means much bunking and little room for stretching.

We found a wonderful home with five bedrooms much closer to the children’s theater many of our kids are in, as well as closer to my job. . .built in the ’40s (hence the upcoming term, “new (old) home”), lots of character, well maintained. So, we made an offer on that house, contingent on the sale of our own home. There was one caveat: the owners of the new (old) home accepted our offer with the clause that they could bump us 24 hours after they received an offer that was not contingent on the sale of another home. So, if they got another offer with cash up front, so to speak, we would have 24 hours to sell our home, or we would be out of luck in obtaining the new (old one.

Well, our house has been on the market for about four weeks, and we had been getting little action on it, until this past week, where we got a blizzard of showings (and dealt with the attendant headache of cleaning the place up, then vacate the premises while strangers looked at our home. . .) and no hard offers, until yesterday, when a woman from Walla Walla (I’ve always wanted to say that) made a fair offer, and we countered. She decided she wanted to see it again, so we cleaned and vacated again.

We came back to a phone call from our real estate agent, saying that our counter-offer was acceptable. . .and that the owners of the new (old) home we wanted had ALSO received a full cash offer, and were going to put us on the 24 hour clock tomorrow morning.

But it’s too late for those folks with the new offer. Since we now have a solid offer on our home, we are in the catbird seat. If all goes according to plan, we move late in June to this spacious new (old) home.

More reflections on that later. What I wanted to briefly touch on here was the uncertainty that possessed my family: would our house sell? Would we lose out on thie wonderful new (old) home? I was always curiously confident that things would work out as we prayed daily for God’s will to be done (thereby affording a certain amount of peace with uncertainty, peace that is unavailable to various MRTs who disavow the reality of a benevolent God in Heaven). Even as we heard rumors that the owners of the new (old) home were about to hear a new offer, I was still confident, even though we had no offers.

And on the same day, both the owners of the new (old) home and we receive offers on our homes. . .with ours coming just soon enough to insure that we will get the new (old) home. Serendipity.

Serendipity. While Walpole claims that this word comes from an old name from Sri Lanka, Serendip, meaning “silly fairy tale”, I prefer the root “Serene”, coming from the Middle English and Latin, serEnus, meaning “serene, clear”. So, serendipity might mean a “serene coincidence”.

Or, just to stick it to the MRTs, a timely coincidence of God, instilling serenity upon His followers. 😉



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