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When the MRTs start honking, you know you’re on the right track May 31, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Mechanistic Relativism.

Some people will simply never learn.

It seems that my little post about Darth Sidious being an MRT was picked up by a fellow blogger out there (name and website withheld. The person already gets more traffic than his little alliterative nothing deserves. Readers of this blog can probably guess who it is if you REALLY want to check it out), and he took the liberty of incorporating some of my wisdom into his review of Revenge of the Sith. An excerpt follows:

As I said, there are contingents on both sides that want to parlay this admittedly powerful cultural phenomenon into a propaganda film for their own ideologies and will stoop to new lows to retrofit their backward-ass mentalities into the film’s larger statement. For instance, there’s a small fraction of a human being, who goes by ‘hoody’, who haunts here with his comments while simultaneously banning me from commenting on his pages, who contends:

…In fact, for Sidious, there IS NO EVIL, only power to be used as the power owner sees fit, to use to accomplish his own vision of goodness.

The Jedi focus only on following the good, the truth. For them, the ends never justify the use of evil means. Sidious instead says, in short, that there either is no evil, or evil in the pursuit of what one feels is good is an OK thing. Evil means in pursuit of even a nominal good is fine. Skywalker then gets seduced (as do so many of us) by this simple yet sinister philosophy.

Darth Sidious is an MRT. For him, there are no absolute truths. Relativism is all.

For those of you not tuned in to right wing talk radio, an “MRT” is a “Moral Relativist Tyrant”, so far as I can tell. Our absolutist friend, Hoody, claims the Jedi for Jesus and Pope Panzer, while handing us liberals, us weaklings, us Sithy-boys, the Sith and the Dark Side Entire.

Really, there’s better material for making the point he’s clearly trying to make, but as far as I recall, there was only one line of dialog dedicated to absolutism/relativism. It was when Vader says, “If you’re not my friend, you’re my enemy.” To which Kenobi replies: “Only the Sith deal in absolutes.”

Really, what kind of muscle-pulls and whiplash does one get when they bend and twist as much as one must in order to make such ideological claims?

Now, this “author”, a 41 year-old man with loudly proclaimed “alternative” sexual preferences, spends a great deal of time lurking about weblogs authored and peopled by teens (wallywuzhere, bloghogger) and taking them to task for their orthodox, conservative viewpoints. (One would think that he has better things to do with his time. . .but that’s another story. . .).

When this humble blog started up, he immediately set in here as well, engaging in all sorts of fallacious arguing and name-calling.

For which, he was banned. (As to the exact “why” he was banned, I wrote an extensive post on that topic. . .TWICE. . .only to fall victim to Blogger’s interesting tendency to delete whole blocks of text for minor indiscretions stemming from the use of the “previous page” button on Firefox. After two hours of work were lost, I said “t’hell with this. He’s not worth the effort.”)(But a quick side-note on the efforts made to reach some type of modus vivendi might assist in illustration my frustration level. I have tried logic, arguing, outright name-calling, appeals to better nature, private e-mails asking for understanding [and even forgiveness] and offering/asking for clarification. . .all efforts have been met with the most sarcastic and arrogant responses. . .save for the one time I offered condolences to this fellow when he was undergoing a very sore personal trial. Never did get any thanks, but the stop in the rancor served as notice that he was appreciative [I think].
Anyway, I didn’t want to deal with the same gibberish on my own blog, so I set rules, he very quickly broke them, and I sent him packing. And that’s a long side note)

I then gave up even commenting on his site, as more name-calling and the hurling of ethcial objects of questionable origin were so rampant, I decided that extinction was the only way to go. Stop feeding the monster, and it will die.

I sincerely hoped that my (our) adversary would leap to the same conclusion, as we have been engaged in mutually fruitless acrimony for MONTHS now.

But I gave him too much credit in the intelligence department. He cannot let sleeping dogs lie. He gets too much delight in kicking them awake.

And so, since he can’t name-call on my site anymore, he spends WAY TOO MUCH time and space on his OWN SITE on me, making sure to call me such things as a “fraction of a human being”, who “stoops” to “retrofit” “backward-ass mentalities.”

Really. I’m honored that my small reflections result in such attentive reactions.

And it serves as an illustration that my title as posited is correct. The honking is quite loud, just now. Must have struck close to the nerve center, this time.

Either that, or someone is allowing me way too much ability to get under their skin.



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