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Pride in my son June 12, 2005

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From Catholic.com:

Pride is the sin "most hated by God" (7). "Everybody is infected with the virus of pride," writes the author. "But there is a particular kind of pride in each individual; at least a particular kind dominates. . . . Searching into our type of pride is very important for obtaining a true knowledge of ourselves and for making fruitful efforts to root out sin and vice from our lives" (8).According to the booklet, pride comes packaged in fifteen different ways, some of which seem at first glance oxymoronic. For instance, we would recognize immediately that pride is the basis of the sins of self-centeredness and vanity; but did you ever stop to think that self-pity, timidity, and scrupulosity are sins that have their basis in pride? If self-pity includes resentment, suspiciousness, or harboring resentments, it is based in pride. If timidity springs from unreasonable fear that makes us worried of others' opinions so that we cater to human respect rather than act as we should-that stems from pride. If scrupulosity fixes our attention on the wrong things so that we pay too much attention to them and are unscrupulous in more important matters-that stems from pride. (A note to the scrupulous: Give this booklet a pass.)

HUMILITY (also from Catholic.com):

To Thérèse, littleness and humility were identical. She wrote, "Holiness does not consist in one exercise or another, but in a disposition of the heart which renders us humble and little in the hands of God." The result, Msgr. Johnson writes, is true humility, "the removing, through surrender to grace, of . . . faults and failings, so that, where pride and self-love have hitherto dominated, the love of our Lord may reign instead."

Why the commentary on pride vs. humility? This could in fact result in a truly huge post. . .which I'm not going to get into now, and perhaps never will. But I offer it as I contemplate the work of my son, who engages in spirited, fearless and assertive apologetics with various debaters, Catholics, atheists and trolls across the Internet. His skills are infinitely greater than mine were at his age (infinite in that my skills were non-existent when I was 14-15), and in some ways even surpass mine nowadays.

And I sit, suffused with what society typically calls a form of pride, as I observe my son take on this spirited battle; becoming indeed more than my wife and I might have hoped for him.

Is this pride sinful? I hope not. It may not even be actual pride in itself.

But before I slap a label on it, I am going to continue sitting here and relish the feeling of observing my own son taking his teachings and running far with them, farther than I did or have.

It is a wonderful feeling, to have such a blessing as my son.



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