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Flood September 8, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Family, Personal.

The Week From Hell continues as my wife comes home this PM to a house with a basement flooded to her kneecaps (and would have been farther had it not been for a conveniently placed shower drain.).

Now, I grant you this is NOTHING compared to the 20′ nightmare awaiting citizens of NO, and I thank God that is the case, and I find myself sympathizing with flood victims quite a bit more.

However, there is the ruined carpet, the trashed walls, the shorted-out appliances, the warped and now useless tables and bookcases, soaked couches (and insurance companies ALREADY playing games with me), never mind the now-dead violins, bass drum, picture albums and all of the posters of plays my family has been in the past 4 years, the Pope’s blessing on our marriage. . .all ruined, not to mention the incredible pile of junk in our backyard, since we emptied the basement in a furious and high-humidity haste today to save what we could and so that the restorers can get to work as soon as possible.

But it WAS a break in a drinking water pipe, not sewage, that flooded the basement. There is that much. And the break is a funny thing. It happened in a joint in the pipes that I noticed when I first bought the house and thought “Hmmm, that joint is not right.” But the inspectors said it was all OK, so I assumed it must be so. . .should have followed my instincts.

And the other two floors of the house (where we spend most of our time) are dry and safe.

And then there are the positives; my boss telling me to GO HOME when he heard of this mini-disaster, the neighbors cooking us dinner, the people I hired to pump the water out TAKING CONTROL and giving us not only far more help than we hired, but also some much, much needed advice on how to go about managing this mess, the entire family pitching in (even the 5 year old) to get some semblance of control over the mess, and we DO have insurance, so much will get replaced, including that ghastly sun-yellow carpet in the unused basement bedroom.

I tend to be a cynic by nature. . .but for whatever reason (my main suspect is Grace), though wearied by this newest idiocy in my life, I cannot help but smile and rely more upon the many silver linings in this particular cloud than focus on the cloud itself.



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