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Poltical Correctness at our Catholic Universities September 12, 2005

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Yuck. Check this depressing article out.

Here’s the worst part. She does not identify this patently ridiculous school, but it could easily be my alma mater Seattle University.

No, I am not afraid to admit it. I am Catholic in spite of rather than because of my training at that interesting Jesuit institution.

Then there is this quote from another, similar article:

On my first day of college, I received formal instruction in the new religion. The university administrators who managed our freshman orientation thought it would be a good idea to show us a video on the Matthew Shepherd murder, followed by a lecture from a supposed expert on “hate.”

I for one am past sick about the gibberish associated with the Shepherd debacle. I have written elsewhere (and no, I can’t find the reference) about how that was all a manufactured hoax. Yes, Shepherd was killed by Wyoming rednecks, but they killed him over drug-money, (as reported on 20/20) not over some perception that he was gay and Wyoming is loaded with intolerant homophobes.

Nevertheless, the MoonBat Left has its bludgeon, and they are by God going to use it. Google now shows 41,200 pages related to Shepherd, and you may well bet that 95% or more of those pages are committed to the “hatred” and “homophobia” attached to that particular crime.

And today’s colleges keep marching to that good ol’ “Let’s Hate the West and All It Stands For” dance. The lyrics may be repulsive, but the loony lefties running many of today’s colleges are convinced that it has a good beat and you can dance to it.

It just maddens me that colleges claiming to be Catholic are marching to the same relativist beat.

Someone needs to reacquaint these institutions of higher learning with Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

Tips once again to The Anchoress for the original disturbing article.



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