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The real opening, and some odds and ends October 1, 2005

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We had our REAL opening last night (and thank you again REX). Played to the fullest house I have ever played in front of and frankly, we ROCKED!!!

It was wonderful folks. You shoulda been there.

I went back to work yesterday, yet had to race home at the first free moment when my 3rd son Eric, broke his arm while acting like a fool on my dining room floor. He broke it so badly it required general anesthesia to re-set it. He is now home, elevating a big blue cast and “casting” about for signatures. Life sure isn’t dull around here.

I stumbled across the fact that the Governator down in Sacramento vetoed AB849,the “Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act”. What it was designed to do was,

amend. . . Section 300 of the Family Code to define marriage as a civil contract between two persons instead of a civil contract between a man and a woman.

In other words, the bill was not meant to safeguard civil unions, but to re-define marriage. Ahnold said “no”, as he should have. (And the serious MRTs are squealing as you might well imagine).

Why am I talking about this? Partially because of last night. I have been involved in theater in some form or another, off and on, for over 25 years. And in that time, Kinsey’s reputed and over-estimated 10% of the normal population that is homosexual has appeared more often than 10% of the time. Heaven knows why, but the fine arts (at least music and drama) draw more than their fair share of gays and lesbians. Last night is no exception. At least one if not two of our principal (and more talented) actors are gay.

Why is he telling this? Because I want to present bona fides that any “hatred” I may have is not due to the unknown. I worked with them in college. My professor at the time was also gay. (In fact, he made a very obvious pass at me during my last show there. . .that is a story for another time) (and YES, I turned the pass down. Good grief). I am working with them now. I know whereof I speak.

And I find them to be talented, skilled, entertaining and fun. I consider them to be friends. Yeah, I know it sounds like, “But some of my best friends are. . .” Frankly, I wouldn’t even be considered commenting upon their sexuality save for reflections upon some ravings by a (blessedly) former lurker. THAT fellow loved to turn all things discussed into one of sexuality. The guy was a gay first.

But my fellow actors are not. They are actors first, onstage. Then they are professionals; engineers, teachers, nurses, family people. . .whatever, offstage. Sexual orientation is not broadcast. THAT in the end is why they are friends. They are competent -fiercely so- onstage, and funny and personable offstage, without the in-you-face mentality that screams “I’M GAY AND YOU’D BETTER LOVE IT RIGHT NOW!!”

And if one of them, over a beer after a performance, were to discuss the issue, I would be more than ready to listen. They are friends, after all. Medical benefits, retirement, the right to share a household, I GET all of that. . .and I cannot say that I am opposed to those rights being available.

But if if came to declaring that their relations are coeval with the one I have with my wife, I have to object. The reasons are deep, but in the end boil down to this; my wife and I, by virtue of our opposed and complementing genders, can complete one another in a way that same-sex unions cannot. And marriage (as opposed to the nebulous civil union) must be reserved for that mysterious, complementary union.

So, among other things, the next time someone uses that over-used verb hate in relation to some action of mine, they need to read this post.

In the meantime, there is tonight, and yet another channeling of Rex.

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