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Bitter and Sweet October 11, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Drama, Family.

As in the show is over (bitter), and all the moreso in that it really was the greatest show I’ve ever been associated with. Full of good people (as I’ve mentioned before).

But there is the sweet; the wonderful memories, the community notices (this show is the closest thing to an “event” I’ve been around in some time), and the fact that I now get my life back. . .no more rehearsals and weekends consumed by performances.

Pix of those good people (courtesy of Jessica Fletcher):

This is my younger daughter Annie (glasses) with a couple of other members of the cast

The incomparable Sam Shick as Lumiere

The “Prince”, and good friend Marty Evans

Melissa, who played the wardrobe, in a goofy moment with Maddison aka “Babbette”

The only marginally good shot of our orchestra. My lovely wife the violinist is on the far left

My elder daughter Monica (purple) with some of her friends and castmates

Matt, our “Beast” in a decidedly unbeastly moment

Korry Watkins, “Cogsworth” and I, contemplating yet another few hours in these goofy costumes

Janet Krupin, “Belle”, my stage daughter, and a great talent too!!

The woman on the left is the incomparable Heather Steach, our costumer, who worked like a dog since May (for NO MONEY) to make this show work

Nick, aka “Gaston”, doing his best impersonation of Spock.

One more picture of Janet and her baby sister Katie. They were performing a spontaneous concert for some of us during intermission Saturday nite. . .and what a treat. A very gifted set of sisters.

Sigh. Too bad it had to end. . .



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