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Tain’t got a Frigging Clue October 12, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Personal.

Just a total cluebat. Pick most any post. . .it matters not.

This fellow has targeted me on his blog in the past, and while I have made one singular appeal to him on this blog, I have attempted to refrain from direct addresses. But his latest madness deserves some special attention, as I discovered another component to his pathology today, from the following comments to a previous post:

But if if came to declaring that their relations are coeval with the one I have with my wife… (This is in quotes, as he is quoting something I had said previous)

Well, Hoody, why the hell DOESN’T it?

You’re willing to be entertained, enriched, helped, supported and befriended by these gay people, so long as they don’t have the bad taste to assume that their relationships are just as valid as yours?

Why DON’T you bring up the topic with your “friends”?
God of Biscuits | Homepage | 10.01.05 – 4:53 pm | #

I had been saying that my gay friends would be corrected if they were to bring up the licitness of gay marriage (vs. civil unions. Unions are another topic for another time).

My initial response:

I knew it was too good to be true.

Really amazing how you can attempt to turn such a statement into one that makes it appear as though I am. . .somehow. . .exploiting these friends.

But again, it makes sense coming from one who sex and sexuality is the be all and end all of humanity. Try broadening your horizons some.

I don’t bring it up for the same reason they don’t ask if we are having any more children. It has to do with good taste, charity. . .virtues I suppose I shouldn’t be talking to you about, since you have exactly zero clue about them.
hoody | Homepage | 10.02.05 – 1:59 am | #

The resultant “riposte”:

More like that they wouldn’t be your friends any more if they knew what you really thought of their relationships, and the superiority of yours.
God of Biscuits | Homepage | 10.11.05 – 11:26 pm | #

And my final answer:

Cute. More playground idiocy.

The FACT is that they are well aware of the fact that I am a more orthodox Catholic. Despite this reality -which in your eyes is a serious handicap, but in more enlightened minds is not- they ARE friends.

And they have not been afraid to announce the fact that they are gay to me.

Beyond that, again, “I don’t bring it up (nor do they) for the same reason they don’t ask if we are having any more children. It has to do with good taste, charity. . ..

Yet you, in your ad hom brilliance, continue to reduce this to a playground taunt. For you, friendship with “the enemy” is (not surprisingly) impossible.

Seemingly impossible for you is also rational discourse with “the enemy.”
hoody | Homepage | 10.12.05 – 7:38 pm | #

And I believe that my last response catches part of this fellow’s enormous obstinacy: He cannot be civil. To be civil is in some fashion to “bless” the “backward ravings of lunatics from Eastern Washington”.

The man is not civil. My friends, gay or straight, from Beauty are. And not only are they civil, they are at least partially sane, somewhat for the aforementioned reason that they can identify themselves as something other than gay. They are car salesmen, teachers, actors and actresses.

On the other hand, Mr. Biscuits is disordered; in his inability to engage in civil discourse (under any circumstances beyond minimal acceptance of condolence in extreme turmoil) and his screaming demand that he be first recognized as gay. All other roles, caregiver, partaker of parties and haircuts, employee, engineer, take second place to his shout that his is a homosexual.

The one blessing I can find in this entire nest of senile adders is that his lurking here and on teen sites such as bloghogger has slowly but surely declined, almost to the point of non-existence.

Or, perhaps I am over-analyzing. Perhaps he simply cannot wrap his head around the fact that there are people with competing viewpoints that can still be friends.

There is a precedent: Pat Buchanan, the well-known ultra-conservative blowhard is known (by the late Hunter S. Thompson) to be good friends with Rick Stearns, one of the architects of the McGovern campaign in ’72, and described as one of the most “left-bent ideologues” in the ’72 race. When asked why Buchanan liked Stearns, Buchanan replied: “I don’t agree with Rick on anything of substance, but he’s honest and I respect his integrity.”

So, MrBiscuits, it IS possible, even with members of “your world.” And I am not near so to the Right as Buchanan; neither are my friends from the Left out in StearnsWorld.

But, I suspect that the friendship requires -again- a certain civility.

And there seems to be a dearth of that sentiment emanating from the Frisco area.



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