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Freaks from Frisco sound off on Arkansas mom October 20, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Cultural Pessimism, Family, Liberal Hypocrisy, Mechanistic Relativism, Politics.

Know the woman who has had her 16th kid in Arkansas? Well, a "writer" for something called "sfgate.com" wrote this in objection to the poor woman.

I got ticked reading his fantastically sententious and disingenuous "article", so I zapped this off to him in response:

""the more than slightly creepy 39-year-old woman from Arkansas who just gave birth to her 16th child

" No doubt, you find natural processes creepy. But, my experiences with people from SF shows that this is not uncommon.

"And furthermore, who are you to suggest that her equally troubling husband isn't more than a little numb to the real world, and that bringing 16 hungry mewling attention-deprived kids (and she wants more! Yay!) into this exhausted world zips right by "touching" and races right past "disturbing" and lurches its way, heaving and gasping and sweating from the karmic armpits, straight into "Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with you people?"

But that would be, you know, mean."

Nope, no disingenuous trollop from YOU!! YOU are CLEARLY polite. (For the humor impaired, that is sarcasm).

"It's wrong to be this judgmental"

So saith the liberals. Tolerance for all, right? But then, you proceed right on to show your true colors. At least your hypocrisy is right there on the surface.

"Wrong to suggest that it is exactly this kind of weird pathological protofamily breeding-happy gluttony that's making the world groan and cry and recoil, contributing to vicious overpopulation rates and unrepentant economic strain and a bitter moral warpage resulting from a massive viral outbreak of homophobic neo-Christians . . ."

and so on.

"no, no, it is not for this space to visualize frighteningly capacious vaginal dimensions. It is not for this space to imagine this couple's soggy sexual mutations. We do not have enough wine on hand for that."

Well, a moment of good taste. Leave it to an SF sex freak to focus on what sex might look like for others, in that the topic was even brought up in the first place.

"Where is, in other words, the funky tattooed intellectual poetess who, along with her genius anarchist husband, is popping out 16 funky progressive intellectually curious fashion-forward pagan offspring. . ."

Ah, the real meat. You're afraid of being bred out of business. Not to worry. So long as there IQ 60s and below out there following the Left Line without thought, you will have an audience for your screeds.

"Why does this sort of thoughtfulness seem so far from the norm? Why is having a stadiumful of offspring still seen as some sort of happy joyous thing?"

Of course, to the basic Relativist Tyrant, the idea of reason behind such love of family is beyond your ken, and therefore must be labeled as "thoughtless." It ain't thoughtless, it just stems from thoughts that you cannot hope to understand. Don't bother trying to get it. Leave real love to the experts.

"God does not want more children per acre than there are ants or mice or garter snakes or repressed pedophilic priests."

Ah. Moral Relativist Tyrants don't believe in God, but when they speak of Him, they know what He is thinking. You can't have your cake and eat it too, Mo.

"Every other child in the world (one billion of them) lives in abject poverty. "

And what do YOU do, Mr. Holier than Thou, to address this? Drive a car? Eat out? Watch TV and keep the lights on? How about heat? AC? Buy trucked food at the market? Give those things up, then begin preaching about how the needy need help, and YOU actually try to help them. In the meantime, I advise you to either (sic) stop sucking at the public teat that provides for you if you intend to slap at it and call it evil at the same time. Smacks of conflicting ethics.

"No, no one says that. That would be mean."

Yeah, they do. Cause basically, you are mean.

-hoody (demolition65.blogspot.com)

Yeah, that "sic" is in there because I couldn't type fast enough to capture my thoughts correctly. Oh well.



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