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Catholic Schools, Crazy Parents and Second Chances November 2, 2005

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The story can be found here.

It seems that in Sacramento, an all-girls Catholic high school, Loretto, hired a new drama teacher by the name of Bain this year. This woman had been observed in the past, escorting women into the Planned Parenthood so as to facilitate their reception of PP’s hideous offerings, bypassing the protesters who object to PPs murderous activities, thereby also giving implicit blessing to PP and its activities.

Note, I said she had been observed. She had been observed, apparently during the summer, by a young woman who attends the Loretto school. When this young woman, Katelyn Sills (her website is here ) mentioned this to her mother, Wynette, Mrs. Sills apparently then approached the administration of the Loretto school, suggesting that Ms. Bain was not a good role model as a teacher for the school and ought to be removed. The administration refused.

Mrs. Sills then took the next logical step and approached the Bishop of Sacramento, William Weigand, and appraised him of the situation. At some point thereafter, Bishop Weigand essentially ordered Loretto to fire Ms. Bain. Which, while disagreeing with the Bishop, they did under holy obedience.

Two weeks later, the school expelled Katelyn Sills, apparently with little or no prior warning.

Now, having read all of this, my (limited) faithful readers are probably breathing fire and wanting to go down to Sacto and set fire to the Loretto administration.

And I was right there with you.

Except for this critical paragraph found in the Sacramento Bee’s coverage of this little foofaraw:

The teacher, Marie Bain of Sacramento, who ceased volunteering before taking the Loretto job, was fired Oct. 14.

Now, if, IF the Bee is correct on this and not spinning the truth, this places the entire story in a much different light (see here for an example of why the MSM may not be trusted to be telling the truth here).

In this light, the Bishop may well have been premature in ordering Marie Bain’s removal, and the intrepid Sills family is barking up the wrong tree.

As a principal, I once hired a woman who was engaged to be married. She was not a Catholic, yet understood and accepted our morals code for hiring. She revealed to me that she had been living with her fiancee (av ery public act of poor moral behavior), but they both agreed that if they were to pursue the position, they would have to separate the household until they were married. I added that they ought to lead fully chaste lives, but that I also wasn’t about to police their behavior. And I hired her, because she was (and is) a good teacher. I also told her that if I received knowledge that they were not living chastely, I would terminate her employment immediately. There is little doubt that if parents discovered that I had hired a woman who had been living with her fiancee, I would have had parents at my door questioning my wisdom. And I would have said (as I was expecting that pressure to come about) that while she was behaving in error, she was not now, and so long as she stayed within the employee Code, I would retain her, and that would be that.

But I never did get confronted.

Here, it seems that we have a similar problem. We have a woman engaging in a public act of poor moral behavior (assisting at a Planned Parenthood), before being hired at a Catholic school. She terminates this behavior prior to her hiring, as did my own hire. Yet in this case, parental pressure forces the firing of the woman for behavior that predates her employment. (in the end, the administration acted not out of pressure, but out of Holy Obedience)

If I had refused to hire the teacher I hired despite her obvious qualifications and her desire to reform her behavior, I would have been doing both her and the school and injustice. If the Sacramento story is correct, a similar injustice has been done here. Marie Bain should not have been fired.

People must be allowed the opportunity to repent of their errors and move on in a spirit of forgiveness and charity. Marie Bain, it seems, was denied that opportunity.

Now, there remains the issue of Katelyn Sills expulsion. And here I will say that the school is in further error, in that -and I am speculating here- the girl was removed not because she was a menace, but because her mother was intolerable. And I am foursquare opposed to the removal of a child from a school because a parent is a tyrant. I might invite them to leave, but an expulsion requires the child acting in such a way as to require removal, not the parent. A similar case is occuring in Orange County where an openly gay couple has had theur child removed from the school because of their public behavior. Whether or not one agrees with homosexual behavior is beside the point. The child should not be punished for the indiscretions and idiocies of their parents.

And for one really pragmatic reason: Parents are ALWAYS acting like idiots with their children. If I had to throw one out, it then becomse way to easy to throw 50% of them out. The only way I would ever have a child leave for parental idiocy would be for their utter refusal to pay their bills to the school. Even then, I would simply refuse them the ability to register for a new year.

Even outright craziness, like having berserk parents stalk the halls can be overcome by restraining orders and a well-placed SRO; but it is a travesty of justice to expel a kid for parental foolishness.



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