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Gay marriage banned in 11 states November 16, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Mechanistic Relativism, Politics.

Shows how much I was watching the news. I just now discovered this little bit of information.

11 states voted last week to ban gay marriage. The roll call: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah.

Now, looking at that list, I see a number of Deep South states that would pass it with little effort. Mississippi passed with an 86% yes vote. That is about as massive a vote as one can hope to get, no matter what the subject. I then see Western and Northern Tier states like Utah (Mormon stronghold, no surprise) and Montana and North Dakota (still lots of conservative ag types there) and Michigan. I find Michigan to be a curiosity, as is Ohio. If any of the states with these amendments up for a vote were to reject it, I would have expected one of those two to do so. But apparently they too passed with comfortable margins. But there was one state where I truly expected rejection.

That state was Oregon. I am a native Oregonian, and have watched that state’s peculiar political climate for many years now. They are highly unpredictable; voting in environmental friendly and developer antagonistic green-space legislation, medical marijuana and euthanasia laws, and electing a mayor of Portland some years ago that like to flash sculptures (remember that picture from at least 20 years ago, “Expose yourself to Art?” . (Yes, supposedly the bearded “pervert” in this shot later became the multi-term mayor of Portland). Yet they also have voted in some of the most draconian tax rollbacks seen anywhere in the West.

But, if you had to bet, you usually bet that Oregonians will vote on the Left side of the aisle. No judgement on that, simply an observation. I expected that a gay-marriage ban would have little traction in the Beaver State. And apparently, so did the pro-gay-marriage lobby, having spent the most money in Oregon to defeat it.

Yet the Oregonians said no to gay marriage, 57-43. While this was the closest race of all 11 states, it wasn’t even close. A 14 point spread is a relatively sound beating.

And so the state went 11-0 on this issue. How does the Left now respond? A wry shrug of the shoulders, and claim that the people have spoken? Or does it denounce all the states in question as being populated by vicious “hate-lovers and bigots”, who don’t have the sense God gave a billy goat? If there was a God in the first place?

Sadly, I am placing my money on the latter.

While the states are to be commended for passing what would appear to be common sense legislation (under natural law, trolls, not Church law. Don’t work yourself up into a froth over very little), it is a curiosity -and a sad on at that- that the issue has even come up in the 21st century election process




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