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Independence November 23, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Politics.

I don’t often talk about this. It may come as a surprise to the more entrenched MoonLeft that I am not a Republican. I am a registered Independent.

Part of the reason for this is that I am essentially a cultural conservative; on economic issues I tend to wander from the Right party line, sometimes significantly.

Another reason I am Independent results from a visceral reaction I had against a statement a priest made back in my undergraduate days. This priest, (his name escapes me. He was a little gnome of a man, less than five feet tall with a corresponding voice) was saying during the ’84 elections that one had to pick a party and stay with it, come hell or high water. He was voting for Mondale in that election because he was a Democrat. End of discussion. When asked why he was a Democrat, he replied, “Because they are for the little guy.” Most of this sentiment came from the Democrat’s association with labor unions.

Setting aside the argument that labor unions are actually FOR the little guy or not, I had trouble squaring the idea with the Democrat’s increasing promotion of the unlimited abortion license.

Consequently, I quickly came to the conclusion that the priest was just dead wrong here. Political parties, like any entrenched organization (and yes, trolls, that does sometimes mean the Church as well) can sometimes wander off in the wrong direction. . .and to back them in those times is in essence to disenfranchise yourself. So, I swore to myself I would never affiliate myself with any one party. Hence, my Independence.

Now, RightWingNuthouse has published a short essay that provides the beginning of a different read on the same subject. I urge you, supporters and trolls alike, to go read it right now. It provokes some interesting thoughts and ideas that I think we ALL need to be looking at.



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