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First Things November 28, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Cultural Pessimism, Mechanistic Relativism.

There are reasons that I have First Things in my link bar.

Here are a couple of them now (From the December First Things, in Fr. Richard John Neuhaus’s indispensable “While We’re at it” section):

(According to British historian Paul Johnson). . .fervent Darwinists are inadvertently undoing the cause of their champion. “At a revivialist meeting of Darwinians two or three years ago, I heard the chairman. . .call out, ‘Yes, we do think God is an old man in the sky with a beard, and his name is Charles Darwin” I doubt if there is a historical precedent for this investment of so much intellectual and emotional capital, by so many well-educated and apparently rational people, in the work of a single scientist. . .The likelihood of Darwin’s eventual debacle will be sensational and brutal is increased by the arrogance of his acolytes, by their insistence on the unchallengable truth of the theory of natural selection -which to them is not a hypothesis but a demonstrated fact, and its critics mere flat-earthers- and by their success in occupying the commanding heights in the university science departments and the scientific journals, denying a hearing to anyone who disagrees with them.

Shades of religious fervor. Example #2245682 that one CANNOT fully separate religion and state. Nature abhors a vacuum. Take out monotheism and replace it with Darwinism; all the worst features of Christianity in its full ascendancy (or degeneracy) when it fully melded church and state are now in full flower with the Religion of Darwin. (And if ever there was a more reluctant prophet, I’d like someone to point him out. I cannot believe that Darwin would hew to the ravings of his modern followers were he alive today.

Fr. Neuhaus then takes on the “scientific post-humanists”, as exemplified by Ray Kurzweil, who is predicting the coming “Singularity” where technology will “. . .take over from nature in the evolution of the human species.” Neuhaus quotes Robert George, who suggests that the post-humanists have a very sinister intent. . .in short, with the debate surrounding stem cell research, their interest is not in stem cell work, but in out-and-out fetal farming, wherein the fetus is grown with the express purpose of killing it to harvest its biological goods, so to speak.

As Fr. Neuhaus entitles, the little tidbit, “If It Can Be Done, It Will Be Done.”


When will we learn?

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