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Momentary Tizzy November 29, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Personal.

We interrupt the normally scheduled blog for this impromptu tizzy performed by the site’s proprietor.


I have no real difficulty with right-brained people. I in fact tend toward the practice of coming up with ideas, getting part of the way through them, then decamping when I find the blizzard of details too tiresome to contend with.

There are exceptions: Most notably, when the idea I am embarking upon then directly impacts others. Then I must follow through, if for no other reason than for the benefit of those hurt if I do NOT follow through.

Bona fides at least partially established, on to the Rant.

There is a member of the staff(let us call her The Dreamer) I serve on that is notorious for embarking upon Big Ideas, publicly announced for all to see, and assuring all of us who have been left to pick up the pieces of her partially-completed-but-then-abandoned Right Brain disasters that THIS TIME she will follow through.

Given the fact that this staff member is also a serious benefactor of the same organization she works for (Conflict of Interest, anyone?), a tendency on the part of Leadership (usually level-headed but a bit twitchy at the idea of challenging anyone directly tied into the Revenue Stream) to indulge her mad passions at the expense of the rest of us does rear its ugly head. On occasion. On common occasion.

There is a section I and the rest of the staff are not scheduled to manage on Fridays, as the abovementioned Dreamer is in charge of a weekly, company-wide assembly designed to tie the stakeholders most intimately into the mission of our facility.

But, not THIS Friday. Due to poor planning on the part of the Dreamer, she would have to come up with a new means of managing the assembly. As is part and parcel of her job. But, she flat-out bailed, and The Leadership unilaterally decided that we will pick up the Dreamer’s pieces by managing the section we normally would not have to manage.

In fact, we are not PAID for this section. The monies that might normally go towards us for managing this section go instead to the Dreamer to pay for her Right-Brain activities.

But, as the Night follows the Sun, the Dreamer has dropped the ball again, and we get to pick up the pieces.

Which, by itself, would be no big deal, except the Dreamer then compounded her sin by going straight home, TODAY (no doubt to escape the ire of her colleagues who are justifiably resentful of her dropping The Ball yet again), without fulfilling the minor duty of her watching the stakeholders during a daily community gathering. A minor, yet necessary duty. And who got to pick up THAT ball for her today? Yours truly.

I have not even begun to plumb the depths of my vocabulary in ranting about the qualities this woman, as a lead benefactor of some stakeholders at our facility, has used (or misused) in the time I have been there.

For the most part, I very much enjoy my job, the stakeholders, my colleagues (including the Dreamer herself) and everything about it.

But the bloom fades fast when colleagues who do NOT do THEIR job then force those of us around them to do it FOR them. And YES, I AM USING CAPS BECAUSE I AM TICKED!!!!!


OK. Now I feel a bit better. Sorry to subject anyone to that.



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