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OK, some more science. November 30, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Global Warming, Politics.

RightWingNutHouse has yet another excellent post on greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Short synopsis: Antarctic ice core samples show that CO2 levels are at least 27% higher in the past hundred years than they have been at any time in the previous 650,000 years.

OK, that's a strong, enduring correlation. Again, while correlation does not prove causation, it's one helluva compelling correlation.

Now, as the Nut says, can we prove that these levels are tied to a humanogenic rise in global temps?

Not so fast. Among other things, this same core sample discovers that increases in methane produciton, thought to have been associated with domesticated livestock, in fact may have no connectiont to agriculture, but instead may be tied to natural variations in wild woodland and other boreal-area decomposition.

The Nut then goes on to an examination of possible ramifications, especially as they relate to Kyoto.

But why read this, hmmm? Go on over there and read for yourself.



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