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Caligula continues to advocate for his legacy of Shame December 9, 2005

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Clinton has no shame. It has been well known ever since he had the gall to closet himself with a White House intern (abuse of office? Anyone?), perform sexual improprieties, then lie to the American public about it -even to the point of impeachment- that Bill Clinton is devoid of the character trait of humility.

This further illustrates the point. In Clinton's fevered effort to rehabilitate his image from one of "Impeached Former President" to one of "World-Wide Ambassador" (Ambassador to what?, one wants to ask. Or even more frightening, Ambassador FROM What, but I digress. . .), he breaks yet another rule in criticizing his successor.

Since coming out of his wisely self-imposed media exile this last year, Clinton has been everywhere; arranging for tsunami relief, commenting on Katrina, hosting conferences on various topics. . .and assuring listeners that he is the guy to lead the world into its next phase of greatness. . .whatever that might be. And now, right on schedule, dumping on Bush Jr.

The man simply cannot stop advocating for himself. He cannot rest without knowing that he has done absolutely everything in his power to insure that his legacy is one of greatness. I suspect that the only way he will ever stop is if someone finally invents the Time Machine, and transports Governor Caligula to the 22nd Century where he will find his Ideal Epitaph: "Bill Clinton: Savior of the World."

And he would be satisfied taking a title usually reserved for Jesus Christ, then. . .FINALLY, he would go into that quiet retirement that he should have gone into back when he was abusing lobbyists and staffers as governor of Arkansas.

And of course, he does this by continuing to back the environmental recipe du jour, global warming. CNN provides the no-questions-asked backdrop supporting Billary in his rants; including the still tired line that "climate change is inevitable." For example:

"There's no longer any serious doubt that climate change is real, acclerating and caused by human activities," said Clinton, whose address was interrupted repeatedly by enthusiastic applause.

"We are uncertain about how deep and the time of arrival of the consequences, but we are quite clear they will not be good."

More of the same old moldy bald assertions that are not backed up by hard science. More on that in a bit.

CNN continues the paean with the following, unattributed paragraph.

A broad scientific consensus agrees that these gases accumulating in the atmosphere, byproducts of automobile engines, power plants and other fossil fuel-burning industries, contributed significantly to the past century's global temperature rise of 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.7 degree Celsius). Continued warming is expected to disrupt the global climate.

When you see stuff like this, it is the tip-off that we are reading material that represents the views -and in all likelihood was written by- of the CNN.com editorial staff.

As for the science, let us go through it. One. More. Time.

There IS an increase in CO2 emissions this past century. No debate there.

There is a measured increase in temperature during that same century. But there IS debate as to whether or not that rise is due to actual atmospheric averages, or simple increases in urban temperatures due to local land use, rather than actual atmospheric increases. But, for the sake of argument, let us say that this IS due to atmospheric increase. How do we know that the CO2 emissions are causing the increase?

Answer: We do not. We CAN NOT. We have not enough baseline data, and in no way can we gather that data over such a short period of time (as in centuries. This kind of predictive validity requires measurements taken on the order of millenia.).

What we ARE faced with is a very compelling correlation. But correlation does not prove causation.

So, what do the scientists say? This "A broad scientific consensus" states what? Honestly, they ought to state that they know NOTHING for certain. They have some very compelling guesses, but that is all they are. Wild. Ass. Guesses.

Does this mean we should not be concerned about CO2 emissions? Of course not.


And we do not KNOW. Not yet. We may never know. Until then, stop screaming in absolutes. Stop saying "WE'RE DOOMED!!!" "WE KNOW CLIMATE WILL CHANGE!!!" It is a RISK, not a CERTAINTY!!

So, what do we have here? A convicted felon, who is also a disbarred attorney, a former American President, one who is one of only two ever impeached in history, the only one whom sitting Supreme Court justices refused to be seen in public with due to their objections of his abuse of the law, now badmouthing his successor, using bad science and a fawning media, all to shore up his own overweening ego. Bad science that serves only to fatten his already obese ego and whip the proles into an ignorant frenzy.

My dad keep telling me Clinton isn't stupid. I fail to understand how a SMART man can't keep his willie in his pocket when around fat young interns. But I will agree with Dad that Caligula is certainly cunning. He knows how to manipulate the media and the public.



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