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The Death of Tookie Williams December 12, 2005

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy, Politics.

CNN reports here that Ahnold denied clemency to the reputed founder of the Crips. Stanley "Tookie" Williams is scheduled to be executed about 8 hours from now as this is written.

(Edited for events)

The usual mouthpieces, such as Jesse Jackson, are slamming Ahnold, saying he is more concerned with votes and looking tough than justice.

A local leader of the NAACP states that there needed to be more time to investigate whether or not Tookie actually killed four people in 1979. (If we do not know by now, and there is no exculpatory DNA evidence or another witness available, this comment then becomes known as a "red herring of the first water.")

The NAACP person is at sea. And tho' I feel that Jesse is babbling this mostly because he can't stand to not see his name in print, -and I hate to say it- I agree in principle with what Jesse is saying. Killing Tookie accomplished nothing. It taught Tookie nothing; it did nothing to assist the families of his victims (though this is popular rhetoric in support of executions) and I do not believe that it deters other criminals. Serious criminals have faulty executive brain functions. Asking them to reconsider their actions in light of a possible future execution is unrealistic. They simply do not look that far into the future.

All executions do is forward the Revenge Ethic. Eye for an Eye. Old Testament justice.

The Church has teachings out there that suggests that the State has a right to capital punishment when there is no other way to keep the person from killing again. So, that means that there is no reason for executions in the US. Because we CAN keep these people from killing again.

Please keep in mind that this position I have staked means that Hitler, Stalin, any other Nuremburg defendant, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, none of them deserve(d) execution.

Neither did Tookie.

Condolences in advance to my normally conservative brethren who are on the other side of the aisle from me on this one. . . but I cannot square capital punishment with the Pro-Life ethic.



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