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Fame January 6, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Drama, Family.

Oh my goodness.

Preamble to the gush:

I have been for parts of 30 years a drama geek. Simply love acting. Did a lot of it in middle school, some in high school, and went berserk with it in college. I even met my wife on the set of a college play.

I then stepped out of it for close to 15 years; grad school, establishing a career, marriage and young children put my little drama avocation on hold for awhile.

Then, when my kids got older, they asked what I liked to do as a kid, I mentioned acting, and they of course wanted to get into it themselves.

I returned to acting on the understanding that it would then become a family affair. I act in plays that my kids are also in. I even turned down a role offered to me in one local production when it became clear that my kids would have no part in it.

So, for the most part, I have been involved in some way or other with almost every show my kids have been in these past 4 years.

Now, as some of the links below describe, I spent the early part of this fall playing Maurice in Beauty and the Beast, with two of my children, and my wife playing violin. A great time for all, yet exhausting for me as I was ill for most of the run, and we had child care problems with our younger kids.

The same theater troupe then auditioned Fame. A movie I hate. A script I like even less. And I was tired. AND my wife was asked to play violin for it as well. They would like me to play one of the teachers, but I demurred.

"Listen," I said. "You can find a person to play the teacher a lot easier than you can find another violinist. So, I'll sit this one out, thanks."

And I did.

And the cast in general has had problems -some serious- with rehearsals. So, I looked forward to opening night tonight as an obligation; I really wasn't expecting good theater this time around.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to the theater. . .


So, for the first time tonight, I got to see a play my kids were in (two of the principals, no less) that I had had nothing to do with; so I got to see their performances with fresh, new eyes, so to speak.

My God, they blew me away!!!

My oldest son played a smartass Puerto Rican, always there with the smart answer, and he was hilarious. Now, I've already gushed about him here, so I'll leave off of him.

Then my older daughter played the lead, Carmen; the tortured girl who sings the title song, leaves for Los Angeles for fame and fortune, and returns a broken drug addict and eventually ODs.

And she NAILED it, especially a song in the second act where she laments LA and the damage it can do to a person as they pursue their dreams without recourse to caution and discipline. The broken heart she displayed in singing that piece. . . .

I've always smirked at parents who cried at the graduations or big games of their kids. No more. My own daughter brought tears to my eyes as she sang the utter heartbreak and misery Carmen had brought upon herself. I wept because she so thoroughly communicated the tragedy that was Carmen, but moreso because it was my daughter, and she was using her talents so completely and so well.

She is a determined young girl. She WANTS to be a good actress, and as my father told me when she was not even two years old, "Watch out for her. She is stubborn, and will fight for what she wants."

She works and fights -damned hard- at her craft. And it paid off tonight.

And forgive me if I take just a moment to beam with pride at my daughter.

Because of her, AND my son, AND their now-excellent fellow cast. . .I need to see this show again.


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