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So, Ben Domenech goes down. . . March 24, 2006

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in a blaze of ignominy because he plagiarized PJ O'Rourke's best stuff.

Should he have resigned? You betcha. Can't hope to have any journalistic street cred if you're cribbing from others.

But I want to focus on the reactions from the blogosphere.

From Michelle Malkin:

The bottom line is: I know it when I see it. And, painfully, Domenech's detractors, are right. He should own up to it and step down. Then, the Left should cease its sick gloating and leave him and his family alone.

From RightWingNutHouse:

If we conservatives have any claims to promoting honesty and decency, there will be more calls on the right for Mr. Domenech to do the honorable thing and save himself and his employer the embarrassment of being fired by resigning immediately. Little can be gained from his continuing to blog at the Washington Post as I for one never plan on linking to anything he writes and would hope that other conservatives would join me in such a boycott.

Ben Domenech is not the kind of writer we want representing the conservative viewpoint at the Washington Post or anywhere else. With so many eloquent and able conservative writers, I’m sure the Post will have no problem finding someone else to take over a blog that should be espousing honesty and decency as the principles by which we on the right live by.

Anything short of that just won’t do.

And. . .from the left:

Daily Kos:

Howard Kurtz started the Post's walk-back on Domenech in today's edition, mentioning that the appointment of Domenech had "touched off an online furor," and then finally, in his 9th paragraph, getting around to mentioning "what appeared to be instances of plagiarism from Domenech's writing at the William & Mary student paper." Kurtz' seemed to suggest that Domenech's serial plagiarism is just a sideshow to the "on the one hand/on the other" disagreement on his political beliefs.

Expect to see Kurtz' approach adopted by the wingers. They'll argue that it was the merits of his arguments that upset progressives, and that it was unfortunate that the liberal Washington Post chose a weak candidate to represent conservative views when there were so many more deserving candidates.

"Sadly no Comment" (you have to go and see for yourself. Lots of glee, four-letter adjectives used liberally in place of coherent criticism. . .the usual.

Let us note the the vitriol . . . and conspiracy theories. . .are emanating from the Left on this. Perhaps that is no surprise. Domenech was regarded as something of a hero on the Right for infiltrating the halls of the notoriously lefty WaPo. His almost immediate fall from grace is a bit breathtaking. . .and certainly exhilirating for the MoonBats. In some ways. . .ONLY SOME. . .you can't blame them for a bit of existential crowing.

Now, I have searched for some comparison articles on Malkin to see if she treated Jayson Blair with as much dripping contempt as the MoonBats are for Domenech right now. . .and all I was able to find was more LEFTY ranting on the evils of the blogosphere. People like Brokaw claiming that bloggers are out of control. How this related to Blair's perfidy I cannot tell.

But still, with Domenech, the ranting is coming from the Left. With Blair, (based on my decidedly limited research) the ranting ALSO came from the Left.

One of these days, I will do an involved post on the entrenched hypocrisy of the Left; if they are all about openness and loving, why do we see SO MANY instances of their unadulterated hate speech all over the blogosphere?



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