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The Left is not what it says it is March 31, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy, Mechanistic Relativism, Politics.

There are so many sacred cows to the MoonBat left.

-We represent tolerance and freedom of speech.

-We represent fully equal rights

-The Other people (the Wingnuts they like to call us) are for suppression of freedoms

-The Other people are essentially fascists, and if left to their own devices, would brutally suppress all opposition.

-The Other people hold to senseless faith points.

And yet, if one looks hard at each of these cows, one finds that they can be turned on their heads.

-We represent tolerance and freedom of speech. Tolerance. Like here? What about here, where Pharyngula host PZ Myers refers to Ben Domenech as a scumbag? Or perhaps when liberal blogger icon Kos refers to Bill Bennett as a "moralizing buffoon"?

Here are his exact words:

You know, I can't be nice to these people. I don't care how "nice" they might be. When I did CNN's Reliable Sources this past Sunday, I met Bill Bennett in the Green Room (and they say Michael Moore is fat?). He said nice things about this site, said it was the only liberal site he read, and seemed pleasent enough. He and Bill Press chatted it up amiably in the Green Room before they did battle on camera. But regardless, I can't get past the fact that the moralizing buffoon (Hi Bill) is helping destroy my beloved country.

I try not to be rude. But I can't cross the line into "friendly" with that crowd. Of course, I am "friendly" with Mike Krempasky. So maybe I'm just full of shit.

Well, at least you're being honest, Kos, in admitting that you can't live up to your tolerant stanards. And since you mention it, if the shoe fits, you might as well wear it.

You are full of sh!t.

We could go on for DAYS, but in the end, can we find committed liberals that live up to their standards of decency? No way. The difference between them and the "wingnuts?" Us 'Nuts at least admit that we don't always make it. 'Bats claim they are tolerant, beark that standard CONSTANTLY, then make no excuses. They both live the standard and totally disregard it at every waking moment. For them, the standard of decency doesn't even have the benefit of being a goal to strive for. It's reduced to a cliche.

Oh, and as for the freedom of speech bit: If I were to get up on a soapbox in downtown Frisco and proclaim active homosexuality as morally disordered, I will have elected officials from the 'Bat side calling for the suppression of my First Amendment rights. This gets even worse if I am a landlord and don't wish to allow sexual activity in my property by unmarried people. Laws passed by the "tolerant Left."


-We represent fully equal rights. So long as those rights don't infringe on the rights of women, gays or minorities. Once those come into conflict, the above groups win out. Especially if the aggrieved party is unborn, white, religious or old.

To paraphrase Orwell: "All rights are equal. But some rights are more equal than others."


-The Other people (the Wingnuts they like to call us) are for suppression of freedoms

-The Other people are essentially fascists, and if left to their own devices, would brutally suppress all opposition.

Without question these are my favorites. Do you really think that if Bush were the second coming of Hitler, that he would allow the presence of these ignorant nattering magpies to continue blathering as they do? Lincoln, universally admired by 'Nuts and 'Bats alike, suspended habeas corpus in the United States, not only at places like Gitmo. And the threat we face from radical Islamofascism is much greater than that presented by the South. If Bush and his fellow 'Nuts were really as intolerant as the 'Bats say, they would all be in prison.

And do you really think we would be having these immigration issues if Bush and the right were real fascists?

No, the real fascists here are from the Left. Imagine what will happen to free speech if the Clintonistas and their fellow Moonbats get Blight House back.

We will see a wave of repression against conservatives and evangelicals as has not been seen in an English speaking country since the time of Guy Fawkes.
Call me doomcrier? So be it.


-The Other people hold to senseless faith points.
Now, this one requires its own post which I intend to write with spring break (FINALLY) upon us.

It is the only one of the Left's accusations that holds any water on the face of it. But even then when one digs just a bit, it too collapses from its own lack of internal consistency.

Where does the left get its definitions of sensible and senseless? Of right and wrong? Truth and falsehood? Essentially from two sources; one's own impulses of the moment, and from empirical data (at least amongst the atheistic of the moonbats). The problems with the first are myriad, and also deserving of its own post. Suffice to say for now that if the world is full of 6 billion relativists all determining their own sense of right at the moment, you end up having 6 billion different notions of truth, and from there you rapidly proceed to anarchy and the disintegration of human society.

The second is explored here. Again, suffice it to say that there are ways to the truth that extend beyond empirical data points. To enslave oneself to empiricism as the lone means of obtaining objective truth seriously hampers one in fully examining -in the words of Douglas Adams- Life, the Universe and Everything. It is a barren world that the MRT lives in.

A perpetual state of wonder is brought about anytime one contemplates the Left and its matter-of-fact hypocrisy.

Then they wield the hypocrisy wand at the Right. . .but at least the Right struggles to be good.



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