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Reporting on the Land of the Weird April 7, 2006

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As I mention below, I am back from four days in the Land of the Weird, Seattle and environs. We have a child that needed to be checked out at Children's Orthopedic Hospital (everything is just fine, thanks for asking). And I got to harden my arteries at THE fast food establishment of Frisco North, Dick's Drive In. If you're from out of town, I know that sounds like a really bad porn joke. . . but the place really does exist, and it makes -in my mind- good cheeseburgers and the BEST FRIES AND SHAKES ON THIS PLANET!!! Their store on Broadway in Seattle has the added bonus of allowing free viewing of Seattle's only Human Zoo. (some think that Fremont is weirder. . .but even with the troll under the Aurora Bridge, Fremont can't hold a candle to the clothing/hairstyle/sexual orientation freakout that is Broadway).

But I didn't mean to write about Dick's. Or Broadway. Or Children's Hospital.

My wife also had a violin lesson one day, so we went to Seattle, dropped her off, and my older two kids and I went to Fremont to see if it really was the Weirdest Ever. Convinced that it was not, we left, picked my wife up, then went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. (Sublime. That's all I'm going to say about that).

Then we drove home, right around rush hour. And it was velly innnduressssding, to say the least.

We wandered up I believe it was Denny Way, going up to Broadway to both witness the Human Zoo and allow the others to load up on chocolate at Dilletante (YUCK. . .I stayed in the car and watched the Zoo parade by). But before we got there, Denny was a very slow moving parking lot. Very slow. Made it real easy to see who was driving what, and more interestingly, WHO was in what.

We need to remember that Seattle is THE Democratic bastion in Washington State. Take it away, and instead of having two hare-brained Democrat senators and a Democratic governor who stole the election, all three of those offices would be comfortably Republican. Geographically, the state is overwhelmingly Republican in terms of land. Eliminate Seattle, and Snohomish, Pierce and Thurston counties, and Lil Ol' Blue Washington becomes Dead Red.

But Seattle is the crux, the Home of the Looning MoonBat. And you would think that such a haven of 'Bats would be very heavy indeed into things like mass transit, biking and carpooling. Portland is very much that way. But in Seattle, save for the curious and laudatory instance where I saw three bicyclists lined up waiting to use a crosswalk, the streets were LOADED with cars. Expensive cars. LARGE cars. And I am very comfortable in saying that of the 500+ cars I saw in that rush hour and peeked into, fully 90% were occupied by ONE person, the driver. Seattle, along with San Francisco and Portland have declared that they will unilaterally enforce the Kyoto Accord. (Set aside for the nonce that these three cities account for less than .001% of all carbon release in the world). A few years ago, the Seattle City Council unilaterally declared that the Snake River Dams (the nearest being at least 300 miles away) must be torn down, thereby uprooting thousands of farming operations so that salmon runs might be restored. Seattle is very big on environmentalism. Which is fine, I suppose.

But if Seattle, and more importantly the Seattle voters, of whom I drove past a fair fraction the other day, are so big on environmentalism, why are they all sucking up that fuel and burning exhaust in large vehicles with no passengers? You better believe that I drove past multiple Democratic voters who push for transit. . .but they were alone in their Volvos and SUVs (oh yeah, I saw a TON of those). Not one vehicle that I saw had as many as the four that I had in my trusty Toyota Corolla.
Don't they say that actions speak louder than words? It would seem to me, that at least for the rush hour denizens of Seattle, that environmentalism is a parlor issue; one that you must advocate for in strident terms when eating caviar and sipping Chardonnay with other, like-minded liberals. But when it gets right down to it, their actions say that ANWR needs to be drilled right away. How else can these self-important Seattle liberals hope to get from their Capital Hill law offices (where they push for the removal of dams) down to their waterfront condos in time for the Support GreenPeace kaffeeklatsch?

And please, don't anyone try the canard on me that these car-bound hypocrites would use transit if it were available.  It is available.  I lived in Seattle proper back in the early '80s and I could get anywhere in Seattle with the correct change a bit of planning ahead on what routes to take and plan for.  The transit is already in place, so these hypocrites may not hide behind the old, "If-conservatives-would-get-off-their-ass-and-VOTE/PAY FOR THIS BOONDOGGLE-I'd-be-riding-now.

BS.  The transit IS in place, the improvements HAVE been voted on, and paid for, but don't you know, the costs of that lil old light rail project just keep going up and up. . .and nothing yet has been built.  Closest thing the city has to light rail is the Monorail, an Art-Deco holdover from the '62 World's Fair.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Liberals are only talk when they proclaim their moral uprightness. They then proceed to immediately break their high-sounding ideals without a moment's pause. At least the Christian Right strive to do good. All the Liberals do is provide lip service.



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