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More Kos Madness April 13, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Liberal Hypocrisy.

What does one do with the Left and its focus on retaining abortion rights at all costs? Even if it means hiding all forms of truth from possible "consumers"?

Kos has a beyond-absurd post on Arizona's Democratic governor's veto of a bill that would require women contemplating an abortion to know that the fetus can feel pain. They now state that Democratic governors are a necessity in reining in this "abridgement of reproductive rights."

"The bill requires doctors to inform a woman seeking an abortion after 20 weeks that the "unborn child" can feel pain. 'It is agreed by most scientists that a fetus can feel pain during some portion of the pregnancy,' reads the bill. The bill mandates that a doctor tell a woman that the unborn child has the physical structures to feel pain; that as its prodded by instruments, it will draw away in pain; that if she takes pain killers that won't make the pain go away; and that (and the language is priceless here) she has 'right to choose to have anesthesia or drugs administered directly to the unborn child.'

Not only does a woman have to sit through this lecture, but she has to sign an acknowledgment form. If a doctor fails to inform her about the fetal pain, he can have his license suspended or revoked. There are exceptions for the life and health of the woman."

Now, why is this such bad thing, in that it requires women to be aware of the realities and consequences of the Atheist Left ne plus ultra of the truth, scientific fact?

It's bad because it "abridges reproductive rights."

Where state legislatures have given in to the anti-choice agenda or where anti-choice activists are affecting women's daily lives, these Democratic Governors–Napolitano, Doyle, Blagojevich, and others–have proven that they are committed to protecting a woman's right to privacy and her right to assert control over her own body.

Nope. No politicization of science by the Left. They just present the facts and let truth prove out.


How utterly mendacious. How cowardly that the MoonBat Left reacts in this hypocritical (yet predictable) fashion to a bit of rational truth permeating the debate over abortion.

Once again, the True Defenders of the Helpless (aka: The Democratic Party) show their moral and legal consistency.




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