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So the Generals are now teeing off on Rumsfeld April 13, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Politics.

The argument I have heard most commonly is that: "The Pentagon (meaning Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz) simply would not listen when we told them that we needed more men on the ground to contend with the challenges there."

Sounds a bit like McClellan telling Lincoln. . .over and over. . .that he needed more men before tackling the South.

I am no military scientist. But there seems to be ample historical proof that generals tend to be a bit more pessimistic about their odds of success than the politicians in control. And who can blame them? The generals certainly feel a closer affinity to their men than the politicians who direct the war planning from behind the lines. Naturally, the generals will want more; not only to insure their success but also to protect as many of the men they have come to love on the training field.

And yet, oftentimes the politicians end up being correct, and successful attack has to be made with what is in place.

Again, I am no military scientist. Yet I find it intriguing that these retired generals, with an election coming up, are now suddenly coming out of the woodwork to challenge the politicians in Washington. And they are leaving Bush out of it, though in my cynicism I feel this is more due to the fact that he can't be touched politically right now, but to hit the underlings might "soften up the defenses of the enemy" somewhat?

What am I talking about? I'm talking about what could be generals who yearn for public office themselves. . .and in some ways the quickest way to that is to take on an Administration that appears to be struggling on the battlefield.

It got George McClellan the Democratic nomination in 1864. Lincoln countered first with his "don't swap horses in midstream" speech, and then Grant accommodated Lee by finally providing the bulldog commander Lincoln had been yearning for years, fixed his grip on Lee's throat, and delivered Lincoln's second term.

Consequently, McClellan went the way that hopefully these opportunist generals will also go; a short walk to the fields of their retirement, where they might await their dubiously just rewards in the Halls of Valhalla.



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