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One of the reasons to keep one’s head down in Mass April 23, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Catholicism, Personal.

. . .is to avoid looking at the faces in the congregation that are a potential source of sin.  In my case, a family that is behaving in a most uncharitable fashion towards me, and yet we are at the same Mass, receiving the same Sacrament.

Please do not misunderstand.  At no point do I say to myself; "How can those people even THINK of taking Communion when they are being so uncharitable."  To quote Robert Bolt's St. Thomas More, "I have no window with which to look into another man's soul.  I condemn no one."

And that is true.  It is possible, hell, even likely, that I'm less worthy of Communion than they are.  I fully recognize that reality.

But the Church fathers maybe had some wisdom in focussing on the altar, and the Crucifix, and maybe just closing one's eyes, else be driven to rage and even further from Communion in seeing others that are such a source of anger.

At least for me.

And I know well the words of the Lord's Prayer: ". . .as we forgive those who trespass against us."  I literally hold these people up to God when saying that prayer. . .but it still doesn't do a whole lot to dampen the fire within my breast.

So, I close my eyes, and pray for mercy. 



1. Shirley - April 23, 2006

God is a God of mercy. He loves you, understands you, and as the scripture says, “knows your frame.” Continue to seek Him fully.



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