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Berserk April 26, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Parenting, Personal.

I cannot recall a more miserable Easter season.

The family is fine. Other than that, I have a boss who is ill and overworked, and consequently not making good decisions; a fellow co-worker who is also a good friend fearing she will be fired -and if this does happen it will be a serious miscarriage of justice-; another good friend who is considering looking elsewhere for a job because of the above injustice; an absolutely INSANE discipline issue I am managing where the parents involved are doing everything in their power to act like spoiled children and "save their little child from unfair consequences" -when in fact the child in question acknowledges his error, is more than happy to pay the piper, but will not disobey his berserk parents when they tell him not to comply.

The father in question has legal training, and is using his not-inconsiderable rhetorical skills to challenge everything; "the other kid is guilty; you aren't doing your job correctly." His logic is fantastically flawed, but he won't listen to reason, so I am not even going to begin engaging him in debate. It will too quickly degenerate into a swearing episode -on his part, I've already endured one of them- and I don't need to listen to anymore of that than necessary.


The crowning glory of all of this is that this same parent demanded -in the name of being rigorous- that I all but expel other kids who committed a rather serious infraction some months ago. But now that his kid is guilty? All kinds of excuses and prevarications come to the fore.

See, other kids can -and should- pay the penalty. But his kid can't.

Disgusting. Hypocritical. Offensive.

Oh yeah: And this same set of parents pride themselves on their piety.

Idiots like this give MoonBat lefties all kinds of ammunition for their claim that Christianity is fraught with hypocrisy.

And in dealing with this lunatics, I have to agree.



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