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School as Indoctrinator? April 30, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Politics.


The story goes that two parents are suing a Massachusetts school district for reading material that normalizes homosexuality.

I wish to set aside the issue about the morality of gay relations. That is not the concern. The concern stems from the following quote:

"David Parker (one of the litigants) was jailed last year after he refused to leave a school when officials declined to exclude his 6-year-old son from discussions of gay parents. Parker initially complained after his son brought home a "diversity book bag" with a book that depicted a gay family.

 Note that Mr. Parker was arrested for not leaving the school, but he wasn't leaving because the school did not allow his son to be kept out of the session involving gay parents.

Now, what the devil is going on here?  Should not parents be given the right to question components of education?  We operate on the premise that the parents are the first educators of children, and have the right to determine under what conditions they are educated.  Given the vast diversity of opinions parents maintain, it would strike me as reasonable to allow parents the final word on instruction.  In doing so, schools easily safeguard the valued "diversity" that the public education establishment is always crowing about.

To do otherwise, as the Massachusetts district appears to have done, is to claim that the state is in a better position to determine what is best for kids.  That way lies tyranny of a special form; the tyranny of uniformity, and the suppression of diversity.

I don't really care too much what the issue is; evolution, school prayer, sexuality or the validity of the Pure Vegetable Kingdom:  If the parents wish to remove their kids from that questionable instruction, they deserve the right to do so. 



1. IndianCowboy - May 1, 2006

And tha’ts the problem with ‘educators’. They’ve always got an ulterior motive. Dewey being a prime example. I still find it shocking, sad, and maybe a bit funny that an avowed socialist set up the public school system with the goal of turning kids into socialists. What’s even stranger is that he had little to do with the den of socialism…undergraduate institutions.

Also, from what I understand, those officials could probably be charged with kidnapping.

2. The Village Idiot - May 2, 2006

I’m for private schools all the way! Unfortunatly, not everyone can afford to send two or three kids through them.

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