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Circumvention of Congress May 1, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, MSM, Politics, Stupid Party vs Evil Party.

Now, the link I am about to provide needs to be taken with a serious grain of salt. It is published by the Boston Pravda Globe which is in turn owned by the Little Red Book New York Times. But, as they say, even a blind pig will find an acorn now and then. The Globe DOES employ Jeff Jacoby, and they gave Peter Gammons his start (even if it was in the sports dept), so they can't be ALL bad.

Nevertheless, the link needs to be considered carefully. I would like to see a more respectable press organ really investigate these claims.

Because if true, Bush is going a ways out there in assuming executive privilege, and is being rather sneaky about it as he is.

Comparisons are often drawn between Bush and Lincoln; both were presidents in times of national crisis, and both took strong steps in strengthening the power of the executive. But Lincoln was very forthright in his power assumptions, knowing that it would create a serious brouhaha in Congress. Bush's apparent tendency to exercise his powers on the sly make me very suspicious indeed.




1. Gayle - May 2, 2006

I checked out your link. I don’t buy into it. We are at war and President Bush cannot announce all of his plans. He can declare Martial law if he chose to do so. He’s managed to keep us safe thus far and I think we need to remember that and be grateful for it. We are up against an enemy as bad, if not worse, than Hitler. Please keep the faith. Where would we be if we didn’t have President Bush?

2. demolition65 - May 2, 2006

Like I said, it needed to be taken with a grain of salt.

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