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Moussaoui, the Right Decision May 4, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Catholicism, Politics.

I'm only posting this because Rick Moran over at RightWingNutHouse thinks he's all alone in saying that Moussaoui got what he deserved, and that to execute him would be a travesty of justice.

Rick, I'm not much, but I'm right there with you, brother.

My reasons for saying so are generally simple: We don't execute unless there is no way we can keep the offender from killing again.

We can keep this lunatic in solitary for 75 years, muttering only to himself. He ain't going anywhere. And in the meantime, there is the hope (limited as it is) that he might see the error of his ways.

Common arguments in favor of his execution:

  • He can proselytize his idiocy from prison.

Please. Are you really trying to tell me that any penal system in the country is going to allow this guy to communicate with anyone/anything other than his navel and a priest?

  • Provides catharsis for the victim's families.

Unlikely. How can vengeance serve as a really healing catharsis? Want an example of how to do REALLY manage this? See Pope John Paul II and Mehmet Ali Agca.

  • Sends a message to other Islamists

Nonsense. They WANT us to execute Moussaoui. Gives them another bloody martyr's towel to wave in the air.

  • He's an enemy combatant, and therefore deserves to die.

I was saddened to see Mark Shea allude to this argument, and I cannot find it defensible. If Moussaoui were still in Iraq in the midst of a battelfield, OK. But we have him here and I fail to see how my original reason for opposition to capital punishment is somehow not operative in this case.

As much as America yearns for some type of retribution for 9/11, this is no way to accomplish it.

I still maintain that true justice would be the apprehension of Bin Laden, then tieing him to a Manhattan lamppost and having all families affected by 9/11 be allowed -unarmed- to walk by and slap him in the face.


THEN put his terrorist ass in prison for the rest of his life.


From Peggy Noonan:

"It is not a matter of vengeance. Murder can never be avenged, it can only be answered.

If Moussaoui didn't deserve the death penalty, who does? Who ever did?

And if he didn't receive it, do we still have it?"

No, we don't have it, and we do not need it.  We should not have it.  Noonan is claiming that the jury is showing weakness.

I disagree.  They are showing uncommon moral courage.  



1. IndianCowboy - May 4, 2006

He wants to be a martyr. He wants his 72 virgins.

Screw that.

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