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Public Confession May 5, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Personal.

I simply can't seem to help myself. I regularly wander onto other sites -notably arrogant atheist sites-, allow myself to get outraged at their latest nonsensical screeds and then descend into their comboxes and get all self-righteous, snide and sarcastic with them.

Does nothing to evangelize, and while it does provide the momentary satfisfaction of venting my spleen, I also end up feeling guilty later on and swearing to myself that I will limit any commentary either to gratitude for the material posted, or will craft logical, coherent, rational and CALM refutations.

And then I end up visiting again with the above intent, get angry and the whole negative cycle of foolishness repeats itself.

"Why is it that I always do the things I should not be doing, while I do not do the things I should?"

Google part of that phrase and you find a few testimonials of Christians bemoaning their basic humanity. Yet I believe it is from a much older quote from either Augustine or St. Paul. . .but I can't find it just now.



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