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Patrick Kennedy is forgiven by the Daily Kos May 6, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy, Politics.

A diarist from DailyKos attmepts to tell us that we need to be sympathetic to the trials and tribulations of Rhode Island Senator Patrick Kennedy, who has inherited from his family patriarch Teddy the following disorders: Mood disorder, alcoholism, addictions and really bad driving skills. Read the diary entry here.

The diarist essentially is drawing a parallel between her own sometimes tragic struggles with bipolar mood disorder and Kennedy's struggle. And of course, she may be commended for doing so.

So Patrick and I have a lot in common.

They define bipolar as extreme mood swings, but that doesn't begin to describe it. I have been so manic that I spoke rapidly, drove like a fiend, took drugs in such an amount it should have killed me, bought cocaine while showing the dealer a gold shield I had from a government job, and, of course, done things and said stuff that I don't remember at all. I have been so depressed that I didn't get out of bed for days. They gave me painkillers for my back, and that started a love affair I miss greatly. Coupled with my other long-term relationship, alcohol (and any other drug I could find for a threesome), I could get so high that I was sure I could fly. I tried once.

As one reads the diary, one cannot escape the idea that she is trying to cover for or perhaps outright enable and excuse Kennedy; and again, from her perspective, that is understandable.

I've relapsed, just like Patrick. We both have two mountains to climb. Two diseases that want to kill us. Two diseases that tell us that we are NOT sick. And when they unite in their common purpose, our chances of walking off a cliff grow exponentially. I am lucky to survive as long as I have.

She wishes him luck as he goes to rehab again.

So today, Patrick starts the journey again, back at the bottom of the mountains. He is so tired and numb. Those mountains seem taller than ever. And he has to climb them both at once. Each foot placed precariously on different ledges. One false step, and he falls, maybe for the last time. Knowing that if he does, his funeral will be well-attended, but the thoughts of many people there will be that if he had just TRIED, he would have been fine.

So good luck, Patrick.

So, from the sympathy/empathy angle, I have no serious problem with this article.

But I want you to take all citations of Patrick Kennedy out of ths article and replace them with names like Rick Santorum or Tom DeLay or -God help us- George W. Bush.

Would this helpful little paean then be written by the same woman? Would it then be listed as one of the "Diaries to be watched" by DailyKos?

Would it even have been published in DailyKos?

Am I not asking a rhetorical question?

Does PZ Myers love Christians and hate invertebrates?

Is the Pope Hindu?



1. IndianCowboy - May 7, 2006

shoot, let’s just see what they had to say about Rushbo back when the Oxycontin addiction story came out.

Also I have no sympathy for Patrick Kennedy, and if his ‘bipolar disorder’ causes him to be a public menace, perhaps he should be institutionalized, or at least ahve his driver’s license revoked.

I mean, epileptics lose their license on diagnosis, and in them at least theres no aspect of conscious will involved, whereas there is with bipolar and alcoholism.

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