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Continued Moral Inconsistency on the Left May 14, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy.

Myers in Pharyngula is a fascinating study in behavioral, mental and logical paradoces. In his latest screed, he now advocates for the legitimacy of profane rudeness to others that do not hold with his brand of truth.

I'm all for outrage! Especially since lately there have been a few too many commenting whiners who are getting pissy because I think goose-stepping theocrats are evil, or that creationists are idiots, or that politicians who monitor our phone calls are tyrannical scumbags. If you're complaining because I don't compromise in damning these people, rather than complaining about what they do, the problem isn't me: it's your superficiality.

In other words, if you don't like my being an asshole, it's not because I am one, but because you are a superficial asshole.

Back to the third grade playground, anyone?

Then there's the delightful bit where he essentially claims that the things he is outraged about are akin the Nazi atrocities.

. . .(civility is seen). . .as a way to justify some seriously screwed up opinions. I have actually heard a Minnesota WWII veteran tell me that Hitler's Germany was a nice and tidy place, and that maybe he wasn't all bad.

Now I'M gonna sound insane in defending the idea that Hitler was in fact, not all bad. He was human. He was motivated by what he saw as noble intentions (saving the German people). This does not dismiss the fact that he used barbaric and evil methods in achieving his goal and was profoundly de-humanizing.

But Myers is in some ways equally evil -as in de-humanizing/demonizing anyone who is opposed to him.

I'm right in the middle of a two-week self-imposed hiatus from commenting on his self-righteous little blog. And it may have to go even longer, as I still am fighting anger almost everytime the arrogant little geek posts on anything other than invertebrates.



1. Justin - July 8, 2006

Yeah, genocidal dictators are human – their methods may be evil, but their intentions are noble. And you wonder how people like Myers are made by white cartoons like you?

2. demolition65 - July 8, 2006

Made? White cartoons? WTF???

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