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Moral relativism at Pandagon May 14, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy, Mechanistic Relativism, Pandamansanity.

The disgraceful, feminazi-lesbian supporitng site Pandagon is up to its usual tricks in this article.

No surprise.

This is how anti-choice(sic) arguments often work, by framing abortion as something that is absolutely devoid of context and then demanding that the people listening to the argument validate the ickiness instead of thinking about it in a larger sense.

My deciedly smartass comment follows:

Um, yeah. Do you like the idea of torturing people?


Well, what about the context? We are at war, after all. Doesn’t that context affect the decision to torture or not?

It doesn’t? Torture is evil, no matter what, you say?

Hmm. Some evils can’t be tolerated based on context, you say. How about that?

How about murder? Is this also evil regardless of context?

A liberal is a conservative snake-oil salescritter in sheep’s clothing. They will tell you that some things are bad all the time, except in their own hands. THEY know how best to handle those dangerous tools.

And in the process, become tools themselves.

Amanda at Pandagon is engaging in the normal denial fixation that abortion is not murder, and sex has no connection to pregnancy since birth control is now so widely available.

Again, no surprise.

But what is somewhat surprising -or at least really depressing- is the acknowledgement that men are more in favor of abortion access than women. Why? Short answer; men still want to get what they want from women without troublesome consequences. Sex without pregnancy. A continued fact (or at least a strong likelihood) that contraception and abortion benefit men more than women.

Yet, how does Amanda explain this?

Often when discussing abortion rights with people–okay, it’s always with men that this comes up–it’ll come up that more men in America support abortion rights than women. To a degree, I’ve always considered this a bit of a “so what?” argument–there’s no reason to think that women as a whole are any smarter or thoughtful than men as a whole. But I know what they mean–what is it about anti-choice arguments that resonate with more women than men? Well, this here might be it. We’re probably more inclined than men to be able to conjure up the mental image of someone going after your uterus with surgical tools and subsequently are more likely to be wooed by the “abortions are icky” argument.

It’s as plain as the nose on your face, Amanda, why men are more in favor of abortion. But you just have to torque it to fit your own twisted logic.



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