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Attention Whores May 17, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Politics, Stupid Party vs Evil Party.

About 25 years ago, I lived on the south end of Capitol Hill in Seattle, going to school. From there, it was but a hop, skip and a jump to Broadway. Typically, especially on weekends, I and a number of my fellow liberal arts geeks would stroll up to Broadway, gobble fast food, play some video games, and take in the sights.

In the case of Seattle Broadway, the sights are not plays, but people. Myriad haircuts and styles; punk, valley girl and even proto-goth clothing everywhere to be found. Businessmen rubbed arms with muttering psychotics who gave up their medication for Lent. Public groping between straights and gays was not uncommon. ANd in most cases, it seemed evident that it was not what the people were saying, not the content of their messages (whatever the messages actually were) that mattered, but how loud they were saying them.

In short, the message seemed to be, "LOOK AT ME!!!! I'M AN ATTENTION WHORE!!!"

In other words, a human zoo.

School for me is getting out June 9th, just a bit too late for me to zip down to Vegas and take in the newest incarnation of the human zoo.

That's right, the YEARLY KOS!!! God help us all, a convention of the KosKids and all their echo-chamber sycophants. PZ Myers will be there. Howard Dean has announced he will come (and are the Kossacks excited about this? You betcha!!). While the Right has the evil Fred Phelps, the Left has the YearlyKos, a teeming hoard of self-satisfied MoonBats baying at the latest phase. A group that finds Billary too conservative. Yes, if I didn't have the familial responsibilities, I'd head on down to Sin City (the logical gathering place for MoonBat lefties, of course) and watch Broadway v. 2006 in its full, if dubious, splendor.

It promises to be a "heckuva shew. . ."



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