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Like a dog returning to a rotting carcass for seconds ad nauseaum. . . May 18, 2006

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. . .so am I with visiting hopelessly doctrinaire MoonBat sites (Kos, Pandagon), getting furious with their deranged babbling, then commenting in full fury. . .and once again coming off as an uncharitable, reactionary dipstick.

Bad enough that the folks on these various fora don’rt listen to reason at all, but I have to compound things by reinforcing their native predjudice that all non-libs are mouth-breathing, Papist automatons.

So, this hiatus I’ve taken from Pharyngula is pointless. I have to re-set the hiatus, and now for ALL brainless leftie blogs.



1. IndianCowboy - May 18, 2006

ok, I really need to join you. I’m cutting myself off for a month. In fact, we really do need to start a support group.

2. demolition65 - May 18, 2006

You’ve got it worse. PZ is trolling your own site and then responding on his.

Yeah, I am re-setting for at least two weeks. A month might make more sense.

But with school out soon, I’ll have some time on my hands that will HOPEFULLY allow me to start commenting after some thought, consideration and -most important-decompression.

3. Hanka - May 18, 2006

Good idea! I don’t even bother because these people *don’t* listen to reason and, in the end, only God can change hearts. I think that, for them to really understand where you’re coming from, they need Faith, and you can’t give that to them. You can pray for them and you can instruct them further in the Faith after they receive Faith, but you can’t give them Faith because its not your gift to give.

So, I think its a good thing that you are taking time off! I’m sure you’ll pray for them in the meantime. Maybe they’ll be converted by the time your hiatus is over! I’ll pray as well. God bless.

4. demolition65 - May 18, 2006

Thanks, Hanka!! 😉

5. Gayle - May 18, 2006

That’s exactly why I don’t troll Moonbats bloggs, Hoody. It can cause one severe brain damage! It would be more beneficial to just walk out your door and find a brick wall to beat your head against. You won’t make a dent in the wall, but at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing you caused your own headache and it wasn’t caused by Moonbats! 🙂

6. IndianCowboy - May 19, 2006

the problem is that moonbats seem to outnumber rational individuals about 8 to 1 when it comes to the science blogs. Maybe more. When they rant about their latest nihilist, socialist, infantile cause when what you really wanted to see was a discussion on the evolution of isopods, it pisses you off to the point where you’re so angry you want to feed the rage.

7. brian - May 20, 2006

Actually, I’ve found that if you keep a positive attitude (or at least pretend to have one), and simply implement strategically placed questions to debase there arguments, they’ll completely lose it.
If it’s one thing radical liberals hate, it’s when someone questions their idiotic regurgitated view points.

8. demolition65 - May 20, 2006

Brian, you’re right. It’s just that I get so het up I can’t maintain the positie attitude.

9. the Green Flash - May 20, 2006

I’m with Hanka and Gayle, hoody. I’ve never been one to troll leftist blogs (heck, I barely have time to maintain my own and keep tabs on the blogs of a handful of my friends), and visit them only on rare occasions when following a link from said friends’ blogs. You can’t visit them all, they don’t care about what you have to say as a rule, and will go out of their way to distort whatever point you try to make. The chances you will make a favorable impression on a hard-boiled leftist are close to nil. Save your own health (mental and physical). Don’t let your own pride (“I’ll tell them a thing or two!”) overpower your reason. Prayer is the only answer for this kind of thing. Let God convert them. You won’t.

God Bless. ~ G/F

10. IndianCowboy - May 22, 2006

brian, you overestimate the rationality and self-critical abilities of lefties, especially older ones.

i had an incident a couple weeks ago that illustrated this perfectly. “Yeah well so?” tends to be their primary response.

With young people at least you can sometimes get a “hmm, i’ll have to think about that.” Usually an empty promise.

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