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Kos tries political advertising. . . May 19, 2006

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. . .and fails miserably.

Ned Lamont is a candidate for Senate, trying to unseat Joe Lieberman, a man that the Kossacks hate, not the least of which is because he is a Dem that is in support of Iraq. So the Kossacks love Lamont.

Lamont has (apparently) an ad out supporting his candidacy.

Now, I’m not showing this to put in a plug for or against Lieberman. . .but go watch it right now.

Now, just what the heck are the KosKids trying to do here? That odd face you see peering in the window, then sitting next to Lamont and then snapping his t-shirt at the end is in fact the real Markos Moulitsas Zuniga himself. That’s right, Kos in the flesh. And is he -or any of the dozen other glad-hander/cheerleaders in that ad drowning out Lamont and his bugeyed message- doing anything to make Lamont look the least bit senatorial?

Seriously, the ad reminded me more of a college prank, where an earnest effort to record something for the Debate class gets hijacked by the student’s fellow frat boys.

Who thought this ad up? All Lieberman has to do is show this ad, then pan back to have Ol Joe himself ask: “Do you really take that guy at all seriously?”



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