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Street Prophets is off in lala land again May 26, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy.

Read this first.

Now, anyone, anyone with a basic background in psych would be able to tell that this tragic fellow was suffering from florid symptoms of schizophrenia.  He needed a strong anti-psychotic; if none of the newer ones worked, damp him down with some Thorazine so that he can regain his keel.

The symptoms are clearly there.  Delusions.  Hallucinations.  Racing thoughts.  Medicate him so he can slow his brain down and get a grip and what he needed.  Somebody, I suspect the psychs at his hospitals, dropped the ball.

The folks at Street Prophets?  For them, everyone else is to blame. PastorDan (who else?) states: "This kid's friends failed him, his parents failed him, the medical establishment failed him, he failed himself." Well, the medical establishment sure did.  I doubt anyone else did.

And of course, the commenters.  Who do they blame?

Do I really have to paint it for you? "It's another failure (4.00 / 2) to lay at the feet of Bushco and the creepy, neocon governmental cronies.

Rick Moran over at RightWingNuthouse and others call this "Bush Derangement Syndrome." 

I couldn't put it better. 



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