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William Jefferson makes for strange bedfellows May 26, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Politics, Stupid Party vs Evil Party.

Jefferson of course, being the representative from Louisiana that had information from his DC offices seized by the FBI. His case has resulted in some very unusual alliances being made both across the aisle, and between the blogosphere and the White House.

The issue that I first thought would spring from this sordid little piece was the question of whether or not the KosKids and similar MoonBats would call for Jefferson’s resignation. To their credit, Kos himself called right away for Jefferson’s resignation.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the stocks and the rotten vegetable barrel: Congress began making noises that the FBI (as an arm of the executive branch) had no right to raid Jefferson’s offices. Hastert and Pelosi are both singing the same song on this one; the executive branch over-stepped its authority in this case.

Meanwhile, over in the blogosphere, we have KosKids rattling the sabers, now disgusted with both sides of the House, and of course some right wing folk saying the same thing, that Jefferson must go.

So, currently we have both sides of the aisle in Congress lining up on one side, with the executive branch on the other. Siding with the executive branch, either consciously or by de facto agreement, are normal blogospheric antagonists such as Kos on one side and Malkin on the other.

Fascinating. Go figure.



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