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What happens when you walk the final plank June 29, 2006

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You get to be like PZ, in his latest madness, in which he now intones that science has an inevitable charge to disprove religion.

The killer quote:

there will be howls of protest that science must not lead people towards godlessness…but I say it’s about time. . .Most importantly, shying away from the fact that it is a god-free scientific worldview that makes evolutionary biology powerful and persuasive impairs our ability to promote good science.

God alone knows what that good science will look like.  The clones from The Island?  The replicants from Bladerunner?
The man is lost.  Get out the novenas, before it is too late for him and all others like him.


yet something else StreetProphets can get wrong June 26, 2006

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Sex and marriage. Geez. This site is becoming the poster child for the idea that "progressive" and "Christian" are mutually exclusive terms.


The foolishness continues.. . . June 23, 2006

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. . .while I was at camp (more on that later, I trust). In the wacky world of sports, both teams I rooted for in NBA and NHL Finals lost (the Mavericks and Oilers, respectively). Then I haven't even really gone home, as I drop my son at a surprise birthday party (and he fell for it lock, stock and barrel. We completely snookered him. Had NO IDEA it was coming. It was great. It's on film. I hope to have clips later). . . and I see an article on the front page again decrying the horrors of global warming. Kos has the usual idiot round up.

The NAS report is in.

The academy had been asked to report to Congress on how researchers drew conclusions about the Earth's climate going back thousands of years, before data was available from modern scientific instruments. The academy convened a panel of 12 climate experts, chaired by Gerald North, a geosciences professor at Texas A&M University, to look at the "proxy" evidence before then, such as tree rings, corals, marine and lake sediments, ice cores, boreholes and glaciers.

Combining that information gave the panel "a high level of confidence that the last few decades of the 20th century were warmer than any comparable period in the last 400 years," the panel wrote. It said the "recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia," though it was relatively warm around the year 1000 followed by a "Little Ice Age" from about 1500 to 1850.

… it considered the evidence reliable enough to conclude there were sharp spikes in carbon dioxide and methane, the two major "greenhouse" gases blamed for trapping heat in the atmosphere, beginning in the 20th century, after remaining fairly level for 12,000 years.

In response to the findings, Boehlert responded remarkably sanely, for a Republican.

"This report shows the value of Congress handling scientific disputes by asking scientists to give us guidance," Boehlert said Thursday. "There is nothing in this report that should raise any doubts about the broad scientific consensus on global climate change." (the italics are mine)

Consensus. Scientific consensus on global warming. WHO CARES????? It is meaningless, and what is worse is that the fools babbling this stuff know it's meaningless.  They are engaged in wild-ass guessing.

For example:

recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia. . .

It is of course, potentially possible that phrenology and trepanning are valid scientific pursuits.  Potentialities are meaningless in terms of valuable scientific "truths", particularly when said truths are being bandied about as a means of managing billions of dollars in human commerce.
Where will it end?

Plus ca change, plus c'e la meme chose.

Off to camp. . . June 17, 2006

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. . .specifically, the Christ the Redeemer camp put on by Regnum Christi, the lay branch of the Legionnaires of Christ.  Taking my older three sons as well as one other kid from here in town and yet another from a neighboring town.  Travel 4.5 hours to the Willamette Valley, where we will embark on a five day odyssey of 18-hour days filled with work, prayer and games.  Good times.  Exhausting, but good.

I tried to turn comment moderation off. . .but everything is still going into the queue. . .don't ask me why. . I just rotated the tires on my F-350 van without benefit of pneumatics and I had only one undersized jack.  I am extremely tired, and the idea of chasing down a comment moderation bug is simply not on my radar right now.  So if you comment, it will be awhile before I get to it.

Back sometime Friday.


PS: Joe, come armed. . . 

KosKid has the gall to accuse Conservatives wielding the term “liberal” as engaging in hate speech June 17, 2006

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this is rich. As in, fertilizing-the-garden rich.

Read it for yourself. The diarist is hoist on his own petard any number of times within his own article. He uses the same hate speech in response, and of course is totally and completely at sea to suggest that political affiliation qualifies one as part of a discriminated minority like the blacks in the '50s and '60s.


Musings on Traffic and other blog-related items June 16, 2006

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(warning: This post is more of a babble than anything else)
I find it interesting. . and I suppose expected -though it caught me by surprise- that after blogging for a little over a year here and at Blogger, the most traffic I ever received in one day was 50 some hits on June 13th of this year. . .then the surprise came when I had to go and post some comments (and for the first time attached my website to those comments) on Pandagon that got the Moonies in a kerfuffle. I had 211 hits yesterday, 78 alone on my widdle challenge to the regnant cultural constituents over there at Pandagon.

Nothing like pinking the bull (or the cow, as the case may be) to get the little blackflies buzzing about you. Some interesting comments came about, some productive, a number of them simply mean. No surprise or complaint here, just observing.
My practice for the longest time was not to attach my website to comments made on websites whose opinions with which I differ. I didn’t (and still don’t) wish to be seen as trolling for hits. I do welcome genuine debate, which is why I can recommend Indian Cowboy and the Socratic Gadfly. I don’t agree with those two worthies on a whole lot (gadfly and I agree on damned near nothing except that Kos is riddled with hypocrisy), but they are both open to criticism, and seem to be mostly immune to the groupthink that riddles agitprop sites on both the Right and the Left.

But I am not interested in having echo-chamber sycophants ranting with their mouths open and minds shut on here, either right or left, to be honest. So I don’t list this page.


This last post I put up linking this site to try the waters.  

Well, having been in them, I can now see that my general expectations were true.  The waters are busy, and decidedly foul. 
I’ve blogged before on my unfortunate tendency to visit lockthink Leftie sites, lose my temper and shoot my mouth off.  It does no good for anyone in the end save to provide me with a moment’s satisfaction at having vented my spleen.  I usually end up saying something foolish (both Matt P and the Sophist pointed out that I was engaging in ad-hom attack on Amanda.  And they are correct and require thanks for doing so); it does nothing whatsoever to change the minds of lockstep Lefties and I find myself getting stressed anticipating what sort of unpleasantness I am going to be reading in the comboxes.

So what is the point of this little ramble?  Aside  from at least making an attempt to behave myself when commenting in the LeftBoxes, I’m not sure that I am interested in taking any steps that might increase my traffic, even by happenstance.  Which means hiding the site link.

The traffic is back down today, and while I do feel some regret at that, the overwhelming feeling is more one of relief.

One of the nice things about low traffic June 15, 2006

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. . .is being able to manage comments at leisure.  Including putting in an extended queue comments from anonymous contributors whose IPs are in Virginia but then claim to be from Canada, and then mysteriously fail to respond to e-mail summons.

Dear Sophist:  If you wish your comments to be retrieved (and I DO have them in all their adolescent glory, untouched), let's see some proof that you really did leave a valid e-mail.

Dropping Ann Coulter June 15, 2006

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I'm not gonna go into it on my own. Go visit Rick over at RightWingNutHouse or the Anchoress for details.

I've not bought Coulter's new book. But I've read enough excerpts recently to convince me that her brand of conservative ankle-biting is no better than the rampant hypocrisy on the Left I have been excoriated these past few months. I'm sure she won't be missed from my blogroll, as damn few people read this place anyway (unless I pink the Pandagon bull. . .that seems to send my hits skyrocketing. . .but I'm not sure that is worth it. . .and that's another post for another time) but this article (GO READ IT RIGHT NOW!!!) convinced me that she has got to go, and she really needs to go from most blogrolls.

Besides, the Gadfly got on me about having her on the top of my list (due only to the alphabet). 

Latest dementia from Kos June 15, 2006

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Now a KosKid is claiming not only that BushCo caused him/her/it to lose his/her/its faith, but then the YearlyKos caused him/her/it to regain his/her/its faith.

Isn't this, like, a fundamental paradox to begin with??? 

Shelby Foote and the noun/adjective combination June 15, 2006

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Went from reading Walker Percy as mentioned before to reading his best friend, Shelby Foote, and his three volume, nearly 3,000 page narrative The Civil War.

In the first volume, Foote describes the maneuvering that occurred before Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson handed Pope his lunch at 2nd Manassas. Lee, despite being outnumbered nearly two-to-one, for first time (and certainly not the last) divides his army while confronted by a numerically superior foe; giving Jackson and his brigades the assignment of marching deep into Pope’s rear and disrupting his supply lines.

Jackson, previously noted for making his men march great distances with little notice and less food, immediately double-times his men over 25 miles into Pope’s rear, finding a signal supply depot at Manassas Junction, site of a huge Confederate victory more than a year previous.

Foote goes on to describe the reaction of the footsore, attenuated and ravenous Confederates as they discover the mountain of Union goods:

. . .Jackson moved on Manassas. . .the sight that awaited them there was past the imagining of Stonewall’s famished tatterdemalions. Acres -a square mile, in fact- of supplies of every description were stacked in overwhelming abundance. Newly constructed warehouses overflowed with rations, quartermaster goods and ordnance stores. . .best of all, from the point of view of the starved raiders, sutler wagons parked hub-to-hub were packed with every delicacy their vanished owners thought might tempt a payday soldier’s jaded palate. There it all was, spread before the butternut horde out as if the mythical horn of plenty had been upended there. . .the chief object of the search. . .was whiskey. This. . .their commander had foreseen, and by his orders the guards staved in the barrels and shattered the demijohns; whereupon the looters dropped to their hands and knees, scooping and sipping at the pools and rivulets before the liquor soaked into the earth or drained away.”

I cracked up reading his description of the tattered Confederates. Shelby Foote could write.