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Gripping story, yet the point is missed June 5, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy, Stupid Party vs Evil Party.

A diarist at both kos and StreetProphets posts this.

It is in short, a story about a retired Marine and his struggles with PTSD.  Some of this PTSD comes about from the man having shot and killed an Arab teenager that was also shooting at him.  An all-too-common story for those that have seen combat.  The woman is to be commended for sharing such a touching story.

But, as might be expected from its posting on its parent sites, the point is one of bashing BushCo,"avoiding Hadithas" and such.  The typical liberal-small "l" stuff we have come to expect.

But this section stands out:

Under cover of darkness, they flew in by chopper, then divided into 4 squads with a comm guy in each; my husband was the one coordinating communications.  As the sky lightened, it became  eerily apparent that nothing was moving. Not a sound. Not a movement. As they got closer to the Kurdish village, they could see the bodies of dogs and chickens and goats lying where they died.

When they had enough light, the first squad went in. My husband was in that squad.  The point men took the lead, and were able to co firm the air was safe to breathe, and that there were no hostiles lurking anywhere.  So they began the house-to-house search for survivors.

At the first house the senior NCO went in, and told my husband he didn't have to follow–it wasn't his job. He was trying to spare my husband the horror. My husband isn't one to back down. He felt he had to know what had happened here, in case he had to testify about it some day.

Inside that little mud house lay the bodies of a woman and a child. The  woman had thrown herself over the body of her child, trying to save him. But it wasn't enough, and the agonies they had suffered showed in their faces and limbs.  It is their faces he sees every day of his life. It was a grotesque pieta. It is a sight he will never be able to forget.  I doubt anyone but a psychopath, someone with no human feelings, could.  

The rest of the village was more of the same. Old people, children, women, young girls.  All dead.  No men who weren't elderly. Death everywhere you turned.  Not one person in that village still breathed.

They went to second village–and it explained why there were no adult males in that village. They were all here, in a Kurdish guerilla camp, fighting against Saddam.  But their rifles were no match for chemical weapons. They were all dead.  It was not apparently enough to kill the rebels–Saddam had chosen to murder their families as well, since they had aided the traitors.(The italics are mine)

 Those guys went in and discovered Saddam's chemical goodies at work first hand.  This diarist's husband had seen and reported to her the horrors of WMDs.  We went in thinking we had to eliminate those same WMDs.  

But she glosses that over.  Instead, this is now a story of military atrocities.

I have little use right now for the Republican Party: squabbling over immigration, doing nothing to address energy independence, pushing a badly flawed Marriage amendment that they know in advance is going to fail.  But when I look at the alternative; the Evil Party as manifested by the KosKids and their ilk. . .the republican may well win simply by default. 



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