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How the Left would strengthen marriage June 5, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Family, Liberal Hypocrisy.

You will not see any commentary from me on the Marriage Amendment. I have very conflicting ideas on it, consequently, I will stay silent.

What I will NOT stay silent on is the Left's attempt to reframe the argument.

Let us keep in mind that charity serves a two-fold purpose; to serve the needy, and to provide an opportunity for the giver to give of his own volition, thereby strengthening her own soul. Get that? Giving must be voluntary for it to have its full benefit.

Now then:

1. Raise the public’s consciousnesas of the dignity and importance of women in our still deeply patriarchal society.

Well, they are dead on in wanting to increase the dignity and importance of any group; women, men, Catholics, Republicans, Democrats, whomever. But the gratuitous nonsense about a "patriarchal society"? MoreMoonbattiness damaging the message.

2. Provide every couple with a guarantee of health insurance that spares them the relational strains inflicted by devastating illness and an inability to pay for medical care.

And here we go. The basic lefty response to marriage strengthening? Expand the government. This almost entirely wipes out the meaning of charity in that, as mentioned above, it eliminates any real impulse of giving on the part of the giver. It forces the giver to contribute regardless, and places the state in charge of the largesse. And we all have seen how well the state functions as a Santa Claus.

Furthermore, it inculcates a feeling of entitlement on the part of the recipient, rather than the loving gratitude that follows from receiving a completely unforeseen and undeserved gift. In the end, this solution, and most of the others on this list, are not in any way loving responses. They serve as a blueprint for engaging in social engineering.

3. Increase the minimum wage and offer tax breaks to the working poor so that spouses can see each other for more quality length of time, rather than briefly passing eachother on their way to two jobs.

See above. Perhaps, if we simply learned that we might actually be able to get by with less, maybe not everyone would have to work so much to get the things we all think we need.

Though I am in favor of the tax breaks for the working poor.

4. Cover mental healthcare in medical insurance policies so that serious emotional difficulties can be prevented from tearing marriages apart.

See above.

5. Encourage family planning.

As a culture, if we persist in seeing children as a nuisance rather than a blessing, we will as a culture disintegrate. As a working example, take a good look at France right now.

6. Set aside resources for dealing with domestic abuse. Well, at least, that’s a start.

See above. Perhaps if we instead allowed mediating institutions to actually be free to do the jobs they are designed to do, rather than turn to the monolithic and terribly inefficient state to dole out thelargesse, we might make better strides against these abuses.



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