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Democrats the party of the Little People. . .Right. June 7, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy, Politics, Stupid Party vs Evil Party.

State Treasurer Phil Angelides, 52, a multimillionaire former land developer, defeated state Controller Steve Westly, 49, an ex-EBay Inc. executive,. . .

. . .for the Democratic nomination for governor to run against Ahnold this November. (Quote link). Yeah, THESE two are certainly representative of the common people.

Now, the Donkeys are always claiming that they are the party of the little people, always concerned with the sufferings of the blue collar worker and the poor.

If these candidates are so charitable, could someone please explain to me why they spent a combined $70,000,000 so that they could sling mud at one another in a "dirty divisive and expensive" campaign and generally degrade their public presence for the privilege of tackling Ahnold? $70 MILLION??? As my wife marveled in disgust listening to NPR this morning; "Can you IMAGINE what Mother Teresa could have done with $70 million?"

And now that Angelides has the nomination, his senior adviser Bob Mulholland tells us that his primary mode of addressing the race with Ahnold is to show pictures of him with George Bush, as Bush is "very unpopular in California, and the Angelides campaign won't let Schwarzenegger get away with (distancing himself from Bush).

Now that's classy. Nothing about Ahnold's policies, nothing about issues. Straight out partisan politics, hoping that making Ahnold appear on the same page as Bush will drag Ahnold down.

Yes, the Democratic Party, Ladies and Gentlemen. The compassionate, logical alternative to the Republicans.



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