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Dropping Ann Coulter June 15, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Liberal Hypocrisy.

I'm not gonna go into it on my own. Go visit Rick over at RightWingNutHouse or the Anchoress for details.

I've not bought Coulter's new book. But I've read enough excerpts recently to convince me that her brand of conservative ankle-biting is no better than the rampant hypocrisy on the Left I have been excoriated these past few months. I'm sure she won't be missed from my blogroll, as damn few people read this place anyway (unless I pink the Pandagon bull. . .that seems to send my hits skyrocketing. . .but I'm not sure that is worth it. . .and that's another post for another time) but this article (GO READ IT RIGHT NOW!!!) convinced me that she has got to go, and she really needs to go from most blogrolls.

Besides, the Gadfly got on me about having her on the top of my list (due only to the alphabet). 



1. brian - June 17, 2006

Yeah, that was weird. Ann Coulter just snapped — She literally had a mental breakdown.

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