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Musings on Traffic and other blog-related items June 16, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Cultural Pessimism.

(warning: This post is more of a babble than anything else)
I find it interesting. . and I suppose expected -though it caught me by surprise- that after blogging for a little over a year here and at Blogger, the most traffic I ever received in one day was 50 some hits on June 13th of this year. . .then the surprise came when I had to go and post some comments (and for the first time attached my website to those comments) on Pandagon that got the Moonies in a kerfuffle. I had 211 hits yesterday, 78 alone on my widdle challenge to the regnant cultural constituents over there at Pandagon.

Nothing like pinking the bull (or the cow, as the case may be) to get the little blackflies buzzing about you. Some interesting comments came about, some productive, a number of them simply mean. No surprise or complaint here, just observing.
My practice for the longest time was not to attach my website to comments made on websites whose opinions with which I differ. I didn’t (and still don’t) wish to be seen as trolling for hits. I do welcome genuine debate, which is why I can recommend Indian Cowboy and the Socratic Gadfly. I don’t agree with those two worthies on a whole lot (gadfly and I agree on damned near nothing except that Kos is riddled with hypocrisy), but they are both open to criticism, and seem to be mostly immune to the groupthink that riddles agitprop sites on both the Right and the Left.

But I am not interested in having echo-chamber sycophants ranting with their mouths open and minds shut on here, either right or left, to be honest. So I don’t list this page.


This last post I put up linking this site to try the waters.  

Well, having been in them, I can now see that my general expectations were true.  The waters are busy, and decidedly foul. 
I’ve blogged before on my unfortunate tendency to visit lockthink Leftie sites, lose my temper and shoot my mouth off.  It does no good for anyone in the end save to provide me with a moment’s satisfaction at having vented my spleen.  I usually end up saying something foolish (both Matt P and the Sophist pointed out that I was engaging in ad-hom attack on Amanda.  And they are correct and require thanks for doing so); it does nothing whatsoever to change the minds of lockstep Lefties and I find myself getting stressed anticipating what sort of unpleasantness I am going to be reading in the comboxes.

So what is the point of this little ramble?  Aside  from at least making an attempt to behave myself when commenting in the LeftBoxes, I’m not sure that I am interested in taking any steps that might increase my traffic, even by happenstance.  Which means hiding the site link.

The traffic is back down today, and while I do feel some regret at that, the overwhelming feeling is more one of relief.



1. Gayle - June 17, 2006

Well, I found you again. I don’t know what happened. I had you linked, and then I somehow lost the link! Probably deleted it by accident while fooling around in my template. I’m so sorry about that!

Anyway, it’s good to find you again, Hoody!

I don’t go to lefty blogs because they piss me off so badly. I figure I already know how they think and I don’t need the agravation!

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