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Un. Fricking. Hinged. July 30, 2006

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I mean, really.

Some of the choicer quotes.

Fallujah. Signing statements. Abu Ghraib.

Waterboarding. Stress positions. Free speech zones.

The theological and historical differences between Sunni and Shi’ite. How levees are constructed. Why levees fail.

These are things I knew nothing about until George W. Bush.


Some nights I go to sleep under this administration and wonder: What new horror am I going to have cram into my head tomorrow morning? What new form of torture? What unfamiliar town or province?

My brain’s been hijacked and my eagerness to read news killed. I know too much now compared with how much I knew in the innocent 1990’s. And there seems no way to un-know it or bleach it clean of the flavor of its original acquisition.
When I was 20, I was in a serious car accident. . .The day I was released from the hospital, I went home and took a shower, the first in nearly six weeks. As I lathered up – a luxury I can still savor in memory after weeks and weeks of bed-bound sponge baths – my fingers found, underneath my arm and along my shoulder blade, embedded pieces of gravel and glass that had not been properly debrided. I realized they were going to be a part of me forever because my flesh had already healed over them.
I feel like George W. Bush and his policies are gravel and glass in my brain. Forever.

The final deranged point being, I suppose, that the knowledge this poor woman has been forced to gain these past five years is more than she can handle, and she equates these bits of knowledge with the horror she experienced in her car accident.

Perhaps, if Clinton were still in office, we could instead contemplate the actions of a President obsessed with getting fat young interns to fellate him, and the meanings of terms like “Sex, lies and fellatio” and to focus on that, rather than a culture that desires to wipe us off the face of the earth.

If Clinton/Gore were still in power, we wouldn’t face that threat, because Bill and his ilk would be too busy chasing skirts, ignoring the threat of Islamofacism, and the NOW would simply nod in agreement, since they keep the abortion license available.

While the Kossacks would be whining that not enough aid is being sent to the Islamofacists, since that is the source of their rage.  We have, and they don’t.

When the reality is that we are not Islamic, and they are. 

Yeah. Sure. Let’s go back to the alternative.

Kos never ceases to amaze.


An Inconvenient Fact. . . July 28, 2006

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. . .in his rabid desire to get to the White House, his feverish goal at least since 1988, Gore is willing to twist science in such a way as to whip the proles into such a frenzy that they will not be able to anything BUT vote the fool into office, so that he might solve the problem of global warming.

But as I have ranted over and over in here, he is using bad science.  Examples may be found here, here, here, and most of all here.

And even if Savior Al gets in the White House and tries to solve the problem that may not be there, one fellow thinks it’s too late.

Another Outstanding example of Liberal Hypocrisy July 24, 2006

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. . .as brought to you by the alert authors of SuicideoftheWest.

Fine if Ignatius dropped Charlotte Church.  She was ruining her voice to begin with, and her behavior has increasingly been in keeping with the Hollywood/Cannes record of untrammelled self-indulgence.

Where will it end?? July 24, 2006

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From the latest post over at MoonBatCentral:

While we’re busy not catching Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, spending billions liberating Iraq from stability, and watching as all hell breaks loose throughout the entire Middle East, we also just happen to be losing Africa.

So, we’re too inept to catch Osama and it’s a waste of f***ing time to try to assist Iraq in freeing itself from its ham-handed dictator (responsible for killing innocents, let us recall, something that the Kossacks were righteously angry about [and correctly for once, in Darfur]), yet we have the ability to either “save” or “find” Africa.

Pick one, you hopelessly moribund and dogmatically driven fools.

And the beat goes on: If it has GWB’s imprimatur on it, it must be evil.  If it is a problem he has not addressed or has not addressed it to their desires, (global warming, AIDS, Katrina) then it is not worth the time.

I’ll tell you this: If Bush’s face had been superimposed on Gore’s in An Inconvenient Truth, Bats across the nation would be falling over themselves to slam the movie as politically motivated, scientifically unsound and not going far enough in terms of proposed policy change.

Go to Camp Atheist July 22, 2006

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via the deranged PZ comes this article describing camp for “free thinkers” in Minnesota; a camp for people . . .

who maintain a naturalistic, not a supernaturalistic, world view,”

and where the “free thinkers” are subjected to camp rallies on such breathtaking topics as

First Amendment rights, featuring a speaker from the American Civil Liberties Union; secular ethics, evolution and lighter topics such as “science fiction and humanism,”

What fun. The counselor/camper ratio is 2/1, which should be no surprise, as I expect that kids -even those with self-proclaimed atheist parents as PZ- are not beating down the doors to attend this left-wing inculturation fest.

Oh, and PZ is going to speak there. WHOOPEE!!!

Call it whatever they like, just not a gathering of free thinkers. Those poor kids are being as heavily inculcated in groupthink as the Hitler Youth were in the ’30s.

Newest in Liberal Hypocrisy July 16, 2006

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I’m not going to look for the reference. . .but remember that hoo-hah about a month ago, when Michelle Malkin got in some hot water with the Moonbats for publishing some addresses of people, for whatever reason? I didn’t go on record at the time, but I had felt that she had overstepped some bounds in doing so.

Well, now the Moonbats have struck back, with this reprehensible site, knowthyneighbor.org, is committed to publishing the names and addresses of every person in Florida and Taxachusetts that has signed petitions/efforts to ban gay marriage.

The sites founders claim that:

Since we’re posting other peoples home addresses, here are ours:

Big of them. I am NOT posting them here, as I feel increasingly that this habit of publishing personal info of people without their consent is reprehensible. These instances are all the worse in that they are directly affecting people’s ability to participate in direct democracy, as practiced by the initiative process.

What makes it worse is that it has led to instances such as this one of gross bigotry on the parts of Massachusetts gays.
It matters not for what knowthyneighbor.org is advocating; they are swine for publishing the names and addresses of people without their consent.

Head Pharyngulist admits his desire to become one with his soul-mates. . . July 9, 2006

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blathers on briefly about how there is no real difference between atheist and agnostic (showing yet again that advanced degrees and erudite posts on spineless jellyfish cannot fully cover up a basic ignorance), then announces that upon the invention of his time machine, he will briefly stop over in the 19th Century, and then:

Then I’m going to go on to the Cambrian.

Where, no doubt, he can finally rest easy as the most intelligent being on Earth, all thinking creatures having not evolved yet.

Get on back to the Cambrian just as fast as you can, PZ.  Get on there.

Amanda can be so ironic July 6, 2006

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I actually want to meet this woman and have a cup of coffee with her, which will allow me to determine two things:

  1. Does she have a personality disorder as evidenced by her posts, and
  2. Can a personality disorder manifest itself over a cup of coffee.

My bet is “yes” on both of these points, but I suspect I will never find out.

That said, she actually posted something with which I agree in the main. She assaults the new American love for huge houses. Where in 1940 the average family size was 3.2 per household, the average home size was about 1200 sq. ft, meaning each family member had on average about 320 sq. ft./person. NOW, with an average famiy size of 2.6, and a house size average of 2350 sq. ft., we now have over 900 sq. ft./person, damn near a tripling.

(Note: the Hoody house has about 400 sq. ft/person).

Amanda is of course correct. But her problem (doesn’t she always have a problem?) is her framing of the argument:

The theme of July 5th appears to be Why Americans Suck. Good lord, we suck.

*sighs*. No Amanda, it is you and your fellow Screaming Moonbats/Copperheads who suck. Filled with self-loathing, you then assault all that provided you your current status. You have a great point in the housing article. Now, if we could just work on that self-loathing issue. . .

Another great, sensible article on the need for Chicken Littles to calm down and start eating their Prozac. . . July 5, 2006

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. . .here.

All kinds of good stuff, but note the conclusion:


So what, then, is one to make of this alleged debate? I would suggest at least three points.First, nonscientists generally do not want to bother with understanding the science. Claims of consensus relieve policy types, environmental advocates and politicians of any need to do so. Such claims also serve to intimidate the public and even scientists–especially those outside the area of climate dynamics. Secondly, given that the question of human attribution largely cannot be resolved, its use in promoting visions of disaster constitutes nothing so much as a bait-and-switch scam. That is an inauspicious beginning to what Mr. Gore claims is not a political issue but a “moral” crusade.

Lastly, there is a clear attempt to establish truth not by scientific methods but by perpetual repetition. An earlier attempt at this was accompanied by tragedy. Perhaps Marx was right. This time around we may have farce–if we’re lucky.

Mr. Lindzen is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT

Note the author, not a shill for the oil industry, but an MIT professor.

Al, stick this in your smoke and pipe it.

Speaking of inconvenient truths and a touch of irony. . . July 5, 2006

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I see that Amanda over at Pandagon got on the online calculator to determine her carbon output. . .she came up with a figure stating that she ejects abut 66% of average.

Yet over here, I eject less than 50% of average.

How? By having 9 people in the same house, and biking to work a great deal.

These whining lefties need to get with the program, I say!

Amanda then proceeds to say that policy is more effective than individual effort.

Translation: The state must move with its monolithic power to force people to stop emitting carbon.

Police state, anyone? I don’t even buy the certainty of anthropogenic global warming, and yet according to its own mouthpiece measurements, I am doing better in restricting carbon emissions than one the the Nets most radical Chicken Littles.