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Where will it end?? July 24, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy.

From the latest post over at MoonBatCentral:

While we’re busy not catching Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, spending billions liberating Iraq from stability, and watching as all hell breaks loose throughout the entire Middle East, we also just happen to be losing Africa.

So, we’re too inept to catch Osama and it’s a waste of f***ing time to try to assist Iraq in freeing itself from its ham-handed dictator (responsible for killing innocents, let us recall, something that the Kossacks were righteously angry about [and correctly for once, in Darfur]), yet we have the ability to either “save” or “find” Africa.

Pick one, you hopelessly moribund and dogmatically driven fools.

And the beat goes on: If it has GWB’s imprimatur on it, it must be evil.  If it is a problem he has not addressed or has not addressed it to their desires, (global warming, AIDS, Katrina) then it is not worth the time.

I’ll tell you this: If Bush’s face had been superimposed on Gore’s in An Inconvenient Truth, Bats across the nation would be falling over themselves to slam the movie as politically motivated, scientifically unsound and not going far enough in terms of proposed policy change.



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