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Down and out in the Horse Heaven Hills August 30, 2006

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Maybe it’s because it’s the first full week of the new academic year and its attendant weariness.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting sick. (Gotta love those head colds).

Maybe it’s because I spend too much time reading materialistic horsefeathers from the likes of Kos and Myers and the absurd, “spiritual” Pastor Dan, not to mention the beyond-pathological Amanda Marcotte.

Maybe I’m in despair over the future of our country.

I can’t tell.

So, I’ll just refer you to two essays, one more of a rant by Rick Moran, and the other by the Anchoress as food-for-thought.


Sigmund v. Siegfried August 29, 2006

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In a moment of utterly sublime confusion, a junior was looking at an action figure depicting Sigmund Freud (don’t ask) and asked, “Where are the tigers?”

When I asked what on earth she was talking about, she responded, “Well, isn’t that the tiger guy from Vegas?  Siegfried and Roy?”

I haven’t laughed that hard in months.

Tongue-in-cheek slam on the “duh” Vinci Code August 29, 2006

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HT: Mark Shea 

Anchoress NAILS the heart of liberal hypocrisy August 28, 2006

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Nothing else to say, except read it right now.

I Love reading Michael Moore August 27, 2006

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. . .I really do.

For the same reason I am fascinated with serious car accidents, large spiders and octopi; they are at once compelling and repulsive; and it is in that conundrum that the attraction takes place, in the form of a question: “How can THAT possibly exist???”

For example, his latest enormous arrogance masquerading as a letter to Democrats.  Here are some choice samples:

Let the resounding defeat of Senator Joe Lieberman send a cold shiver down the spine of every Democrat who supported the invasion of Iraq and who continues to support, in any way, this senseless, immoral, unwinnable war. Make no mistake about it: We, the majority of Americans, want this war ended — and we will actively work to defeat each and every one of you who does not support an immediate end to this war.

He again is suggesting that the majority of Americans hold exactly the same views he does re: Islamofacists.  Said views seem to be little more than the following:

  1. Bush is wrong
  2. Bush is evil
  3. We should just bow down and spread our legs so the facists can have their way with us.  After all, it’s what we deserve.

Forgive me if I think that the majority of the American electorate doesn’t share all of those views.

I realize that there are those like Kerry and Edwards who have now changed their position and are strongly anti-war. Perhaps that switch will be enough for some to support them. For others, like me — while I’m glad they’ve seen the light — their massive error in judgment is, sadly, proof that they are not fit for the job. They sided with Bush, and for that, they may never enter the promised land.

This is the really delicious part.  “Because I don’t agree with you on this topic, you shall not pass. . .into the heaven on earth that I control.”

Hoo boy.  SERIOUS delusions of grandeur here.

To every Democratic Senator and Congressman who continues to back Bush’s War, allow me to inform you that your days in elective office are now numbered. Myself and tens of millions of citizens are going to work hard to actively remove you from any position of power.

I refer back to the previous delusion that tens of millions of the American electorate share his fever dreams.  I seriously doubt it.

P.S. Republicans — sorry to leave you out of this letter. It’s just that our side has a little housecleaning to do. We’ll take care of you this November.

Well, that may as well be.  The GOP has been begging for a trouncing for some time now, and may well get it.  but it won’t be at the hands of the Moorist Defeatists.

And is it not ironic that the totem of his ire, JoeMentum, supposedly thrown out of the temple for his heresy, is LEADING the Connecticut general election thus far?  Funny, but if they can’t even toss him out, what makes them think they can get Hillary or any of the others?

Colorado Geography Teacher Quits over Foreign Flag Dispute August 26, 2006

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. . .and this is quite the absurd story.

It seems that Ken Hamlin, the geography teacher in question here, ran afoul of a couple of adminstrators who couldn’t see the forest for the trees when it came to interpreting state law and district policy.

Hamlin was hired to teach world geography to seventh graders at the school, which is in Jefferson County, Colorado. For the past eight years, he says he has taught in that district.

He prepared his classroom by displaying the flags of Mexico, China, and the United Nations, as he has in previous classes without incident, he says.

But when Assistant Principal Victoria Winslow came into his class on August 21, the day before school was to begin, and saw the flags, she told him to take them down.

“That surprised me and caught me off guard,” he says. “I asked her why I had to take them down, and she said it was Jefferson County School District policy. I said I’d had the flags up before in Jefferson County, and if that was the policy, I had some issues with it. She left, and about an hour later she returned and said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry I was wrong. It isn’t district policy. It’s actually state law,’ and handed me a copy of a Colorado state statute.”

That statute says: “Any person who displays any flag other than the flag of the United States of America or the state of Colorado or any of its subdivisions, agencies, or institutions upon any state, county, municipal, or other public building or adjacent grounds within this state commits a class 1 petty offense.”

There is an exception in the statute for “a temporary display of any instructional or historical materials not permanently affixed or attached to any part of the buildings.”

Hello.  Right there is a clear out for admin to let Hamlin post his flags. (And I expect he had quite sound educational reasons for hanging them).

Hamlin says he read the statute and noticed “the last part about the temporary display” for educational purposes and pointed that out to Winslow. “But she felt the flags seemed permanent and said again that I needed to take them down.”

A little while later, Principal John Schalk came to see him. According to Hamlin, he said, “I hear we’re having some issues with flag. You need to understand that you have to take them down. Now.”

Hamlin refused. “I told him I wanted to have the flags up so the students could observe them and reference them and ask questions about them,” he says. “He informed me I was insubordinate. I agreed with that. However, I told him I thought there was a bigger issue here. So he told me there would be further disciplinary action.”

Herein lies the real story.  Strutting VP tells him to take down the flags (why?  We will never know).  Teacher scoffs at him and tells her -justly- to get a life.  She then calls Big Daddy and he lays the hammer down.

Just plain stupid.

It seems that JeffCo upper suits agreed.

After the Denver Post and Huffingtonpost and other media outlets got a hold of the story, Hamlin met with some county and school officials to see if they could work out an agreement.

“What we eventually agreed to was that I would be able to have the flags up on a rotational basis, with 12 weeks being the longest, which is how I use the flags anyway,” Hamlin says.

But before agreeing to go back, Hamlin wanted to meet with the principal and other school administrators, which he did on August 24.

And he wanted to consult with other faculty members to see what the school atmosphere was like.

“I had my confidence shaken in the school administration’s ability to back me in certain situations,” he says.

The teachers he spoke with warned him that “a lot of people in the school don’t like what you’ve done, they think you’re trying to rip the school apart,” he says.

What the teachers were saying in effect is that Hamlin should have bowed his head and taken the VP’s demand.  On the one hand, I agree with them.

But speaking as a former (and in some ways current) administrator, I still feel Hamlin was actually CORRECT here.  That VP was being an idiot, and Hamlin called her on it.  If he had told me they were up there for instructional purposes and were temporary, so be it.  Good luck and Godspeed with your classes!

So, in the end, he decided to leave the school.  Not that I blame him for a second.  He can’t trust the adminstration, and apparently the teachers aren’t backing him either.

My only problem with the whole thing is that now the ACLU is sniffing around. . .and that is rarely a good thing.

Mark Silverstein, legal director for the Colorado ACLU, questions the validity of the state statute and the school’s interpretation of it.

“I have a hard time understanding how the state of Colorado’s interests are threatened by someone displaying a foreign flag in some state building,” he says. “Especially by a geography teacher using foreign flags as part of the instruction about different parts of the world.

The statute itself represents legislative overreaction to a nonproblem, and the principal’s decision was an overreaction to the statute.”

Let is rest, you foolish judicial hyenas.  Hamlin is happy with things.  Granted, Colorado has a simply IDIOT law on the books here. . .but that is none of your concern.  No civil rights are being trampled.

HT: Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub.

Comments cut off? August 26, 2006

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I now see that a number of previous posts have had comments cut off in them.  I don’t recall doing anything along those lines. . .so if my limited readership has been attempting to comment and been thwarted, my apologies.  I shall take better care to insure that comments are enabled in future posts.

Jason Whitlock is one of the smartest columnists out there August 24, 2006

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. . .at ESPN.com.  Simmons may be the funniest, Scoop Jackson the most race-baiting, but Whitlock is the most sensible and insightful.

And whaddaya know?  He also happens to be black.

The difference between hypocrisy and Catholic fidelity August 24, 2006

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I have been struggling -for the longest time- with atheist and relativist magpies who holler in the most strident terms that Christianity (particularly Catholicism) is the ne plus ultra of hypocrisy.  People who read this blog know this as I am constantly reporting back on my (usually failed) battles with these people and their sycophants in their cramped scho chambers.

And I kept stretching for a proper means of rebutting their arguments.

Well, I’ve finally found it, courtesy of a fellow named Dr. Philip Blosser commenting on a post by Dreadnought back in January:

There are two kinds of inconsistency that need to be sharply distinguished  . . .

First, there is the inconsistency of the Catholic life of obedient struggle against sin, which admittedly is not always a smooth and steady progress in sanctification but an advance in fits and starts and slips backward into sin that sometimes leaves one wondering whether it is an advance at all. The important thing, however, is that the faithful Catholic never compromises what he professes to be true. He never calls vice virtue. He never says that what the Church calls sinful or disordered is a “beautiful gift from God.” He never says “F__k the Church.” His is an inconsistency of sin and weakness, not an inconsistency of principle.

Second, there is the inconsistency of professing to be Catholic while rejecting what the Catholic Church teaches. This is refusing to agree with the Church that sin is sin, that what is gravely disordered is so, and insisting that it’s something else, something good, simply because one wishes it were so. This is not an inconsistency of sin or weakness, but an inconsistency of dishonesty, an inconsistency of conscious heresy concerning the moral teaching of the Church while still insisting that one is a bona fide Catholic.


And again.


Perfect.  Dr. Blosser (and Dreadnought, more on whom another time) Go Directly to Good Guy’s Links.

Kos now styles himself as a de facto entomologist and expert on global warming August 23, 2006

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OK, follow closely on this one.

Kos himself posts his daily linkfest of Lefty Loonacy.

He states the following in the linkfest:

Holy crap is this amazing. Global warming brings us giant yellowjacket nests. Who needs sci-fi anymore?

Note the statement, “. . .Global warming brings us giant yellowjacket nests” It plays in later on.

The original link proves to be yet another KosLink. It concludes:

The article doesn’t mention it specifically, but against the above quote, it’s certainly the elephant in the room. Mild winters? Drought conditions? No winter freeze?

Welcome to a particularly creepy footnote in that inconvenient truth we keep hearing about…

But, here was what was actually said in the Montgomery (Ala) Advertiser:

Specialists say it could be the result of a mild winter and drought conditions, or multiple queens forcing worker yellow jackets to enlarge their quarters so the queens will be in separate areas… Without a cold winter to kill them this year, the yellow jackets continued feeding in January and February — and layering their nests

Do YOU see the statement, “Global warming causes massive hornet nests?”  Or even the less responsible yet commonly intoned “There is a consensus of scientists that believe these monster nests are caused by global waming?”  I don’t.  Here’s the actual Advertiser link.  See if you can find that verbiage.  I can’t.  The article BEGINS with:

To the bafflement of insect experts. . .

They have no idea.

Yet Odum sets himself up as a correlative expert and says this appears to be caused by global warming, then Kos picks up the ball and declares these huge nests ARE caused by global warming.

And millions of Kossacks read this irresponsible twaddle, nod their heads and say, “See? It’s for real.” And the global warming possibility/potential becomes still more entrenched reality in the eyes of Kossacks and all who follow that line of thought.
For the 235,567,890,123rd time: Correlation does not prove causation.

Could we please have some responsible blogging, for once?