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Straight-out rant August 1, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Personal.

Despite my cranky musings on the Left’s political schizophrenia tending to support the conclusion that I am a terminal curmudgeon, I actually have been in rather high spirits lately; going swimming with my kids most every day, getting good exercise in the early morning. . .yes, generally life had been quite good. And I suppose it still is.

But nevertheless, today was one of those days where every little thing (and even some of the medium sized-things) just went f***ing wrong.

To start, the toilet handle broke. Not a huge thing in itself, and I was just fine with it. Went down to the local Ace Hardware and bought a replacement. But WHILE I was going down there, my venerable Mercury -upon which I have already spent over $800 on cooling system repairs- started blowing steam out the exhaust pipe and stalling at intersections.

That, my friends, is the sign of a blown head gasket, and at least another $500 in repairs. At least $500. And the damned thing was originally bought so that my 16 year-old son would have something marginally tough to drive around in. POS can’t make it down to the corner market without crapping its innards.

Then I get in the house, and find out that the toilet handle is the wrong type.

So, I bundle my son into the functioning car, and we go back down to Ace to get the correct part en route to having him take his written driver’s test.

And we wait over 25 minutes to have one of these sour-faced civil servants tell us that we need proof of his driver’s ed completion, his SSN, birth certificate, my own DL, $20 and I think at some point three liters of pure blood.

F***ing state.

I believe I’ll be better tomorrow.

UPDATE: Try to go swimming. . .my swimsuit has disappeared. And that *()$#&*&^$&%$ing TOILET HANDLE???? Replaced that . . .which cost more money beacause I have a weird toilet. . .and the )(*$#%()*$*()%&$)_(%*()$(+)_(*#%()*$)&%$()%*$&$)_(%*$^T%*$()*$^t()_*$ING thing BROKE AFTER THREE F***ING FLUSHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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